November 16, 2019

Revenge from the Nation

Revenge from the Nation

Invaders and Kabul regime troops are once again martyring and wounding civilians, setting ablaze their shops and compounds after looting it.

Last week, invaders and internal mercenary troops bombarded civilian compounds in Zarha Bazar area of Sangin district in southern Helmand province, martyring 9 children, 4 women, 1 elder, 2 youngsters and wounding 5 others of a single family.

Meanwhile, invaders and Kabul regime commando troops bombarded Shakh Bazar area of Qisar district in Faryab province, during which 8 innocent civilians were martyred and wounded while 10 shops razed.

Enemy has also martyred 3 villagers amid a night raid in Beland Kash area, Sayed Abad district of Wardak province. Similarly, invaders have martyred 6 civilian hunters in Kuhna Khumar area of the same province that they claimed to have targeted planners of the latest Jihadi attack in the province.

Mujahideen are continuing successes in winter season. They smashed a large scale enemy convoy in Faryab province some days ago, destroying tens of enemy tanks, vehicles, rangers and causing heavy corporeal and logistic losses.

A major invader’s hideout in Kabul – Green Village – was assaulted by Mujahideen in which tens of invaders spy agents were killed. Mujahideen also targeted Kabul regime NDS center, killing over 100 puppets that were involved in martyrdom of women and children in night raids.

The combined enemy which has no power to face Mujahideen and their area is squeezed day by day, thus they are resorting to night raids and bombardments against the oppressed nation in revenge, causing huge human and financial damage to civilians.

The enemy has repeatedly taken revenge of its defeat from defenseless civilians, the above mentioned figures are the latest examples of this series. Mujahideen promise to continue safeguarding the lives, honor and wealth of their people and taking revenge for their people from invaders and stooge regime warlords for their crimes.

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