November 16, 2019

Does America wish to impose these faces upon Afghans?

Does America wish to impose these faces upon Afghans?

In the current winter season political activity in Kabul is rather high. For the presidential elections around a dozen candidates have entered their names in the election commission office. Of course, new faces were not seen among these candidates, rather all are old faces the history of whom is clear before the Afghan people. All of them, from the first to the last, are pawns associated with circles whom have passed successfully the test of loyalty to America. For the past eighteen years they have been carrying out their role as faithful soldiers and agents for the realization of American interests. 

It is shocking that Ashraf Ghani, Dr. Abdullah, Hanif Atmar, Wali Masoud, Zalmai Rassoul, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and a few other quislings are now to once again raise false hopes to obtain the nation’s votes — the same nation they have been killing for the past eighteen years with American weapons. They have not ceased presenting absurd justifications for their master’s crimes and now they once again will very shamelessly, yet confidently, make false promises of bringing peace to the country in an attempt to fool the Afghan people.  We say to them that you are merely pawns of the American scheme in Afghanistan who are both unable and unwilling to make any effort for the stability of the country you seek to rule. You invited American and NATO forces to launch an attack on this country and shamelessly requested America to shower Afghan civilians with bombs. 

With your co-operation did the American army manage to slaughter about three hundred thousand Afghans, while hundreds of thousands were imprisoned and tortured in the most brutal manner. Others were forced to migrate from their land in large numbers. Moreover, your rule caused Afghanistan to become infamous for corruption and other ills. In terms of poverty and the use and production of drugs you brought Afghanistan to number three in the world, you sold our country to America under various agreements, granted legal justification for the American army to murder innocent Afghans, permitted them to conduct illegal operations inside Afghanistan and the list of your criminal activity knows no end.

For eighteen years you have inflicted much oppression and violence on the Afghan people; have your eyes yet to become cool? Have the billions of embezzled dollars stored in banks yet to deliver to you contentment? In order to further shed civilian blood and loot the nation’s wealth you are once again making a deceptive show of false promises to forcefully impose yourself over the Afghan people. We, however, see your chances coming to an end and your schemes failing terribly. The public have understood your reality and you have now become insignificant before them. The important point is that even your master is fully prepared to flee Afghanistan and you know well as to what will become of you following the departure of his assistance.

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