December 06, 2019

Suppressing enemy in Faryab

Suppressing enemy in Faryab

Last week, combined enemy troops suffered heavy corporeal and logistic losses amid crushing attacks of Mujahideen in Dawalat Abad and Shireen Tagab districts of Faryab province. A large military convoy was wrecked, killing and wounding tense of enemy personnel as well as seizing a sizable amount of war spoils.

On Thursday night a large scale enemy military convoy arriving at Dawlat Abad district for operations came under Mujahideen attacks in Bazar Kala, Topkhana and Tortaha areas during which 15 tanks and vehicles were destroyed, killing more than 10 puppets and leaving 9 others lethally wounded.

Later on, the same convoy was entrapped in a Mujahideen ambush in Faizabad area of Shireen Tagab district, destroying over 40 tanks, vehicles and supply trucks while damaging 30 other vehicles and tanks, killing 20 commando troops and wounding 30 others.

Some time ago, invader’s top commander Scott Miller and Kabul regime’s Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid escorted by a large convoy visited the area and announced a massive and successful operation to force out Mujahideen from the region and regain all lost areas, however the enemy not only failed to gain any achievement but preferred fleeing after being badly crushed by Mujahideen.

The Defense Minister of Kabul regime is boosted about success but conversely his forces are fleeing the battlefields despite aerial and ground support of invaders .

In these attacks, the enemy defeated so badly that all its malicious goals and dirty hopes were annihilated. Mujahideen operations are successfully in full swing throughout the country, but the enemy who is equipped with advanced weaponry has not only taken any area from Mujahideen, rather they are continuously fleeing from the battlefields and the recent defeat in Faryab is a patent example of it.

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