May 26, 2019

Urban attacks and a few thoughts

Urban attacks and a few thoughts

With the Help and Blessing of Allah (SwT) the efforts of the past seventeen years have resulted in the foreign invaders pulling out from the rural areas throughout Afghanistan and their control has been restricted to urban areas. But even there, the invaders spend their time in such an overwhelmed climate that they have to be ferried by helicopters from Kabul airport to the US embassy.

As the foreign invaders have embedded themselves in population centers, urban attacks have become even more important for the Mujahideen, just as a truck bomb initially targeted the center of foreign invaders named ‘Green Village’ located in the eastern part of Kabul on 14th January 2019, following which a group of martyrdom seekers carried out an armed assault. The Mujahideen have laid out plans for many more such deadly attacks against the last remaining bastions so that the occupiers of our homeland, nation and values are forced to accept the will of our people and end their brutal intervention.

However, the most important issue in these urban attacks is that the Mujahideen are taking utmost care in their planning and execution in order to prevent all civilian casualties. The Islamic Emirate is not some group that is negligent about the life and property of the innocent rather the protection of civilians in the top priority of Mujahideen, a chief reason why casualties of the large truck bomb were only foreigners and their hirelings while the locals were only slightly hurt by shards of glass broken by the waves of the heavy explosion.

But the media funded by our enemies are adopting absolute silence regarding enemy casualties and trying extremely hard to give prominence to civilian injuries and concealing enemy losses.

Even though the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate are exerting utmost efforts in preventing civilian casualties but in order that even slight injuries are circumvented, it respectfully asks all citizens to avoid living and travelling in close proximity to the bases of foreign invaders. Invaders are the enemies of our religion and homeland and Jihad against them is an individual obligation. Just as we managed to shatter their bases in the rural areas of the country with the help of Allah (SwT), we are determined to target them in the cities in order to force them to pull out of our beloved homeland.

As the targeting of foreign invaders is the prime objective of the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, the safety and protection of their countrymen and innocent civilians is also their religious and humanitarian obligation. The cautious operations of Mujahideen has resulted in the seventeen-year Afghan war becoming a war with the lowest levels of civilian casualties in history, but even then, we cannot tolerate such low numbers. The blood of a Muslim and Afghan is as precious to us as the whole humanity. It is hoped that our people and the world are not deceived by fake news propaganda. The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate never carry out careless and irresponsible attacks but only eliminate bases of foreign invaders with high precision.

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