November 16, 2019

Two Powers at negotiations table: Islamic Emirate & America

Two Powers at negotiations table: Islamic Emirate & America

To  consider the weak as on the same level and seating them before you is considered as acceptance of the strength and of its far-reaching intellectual capacity of the opposition according to global norms.

When all the Arab powers united with their armies and the latest technology and resources of the time fell upon the defenseless Muslims it was agreed to dig a trench in the Shura meeting of the Muslims. However, some supposed Muslims of Madina preferred fleeing due to temporary convenience and a fear of death. They began to search for excuses:

یقولون ان بیوتنا عورۃ وما ھی بعورۃ ان یریدون الا فرارا

“Indeed, our houses are unprotected,” while they were not exposed. They did not intend except to flee. [33:13]

The severity of the war, oppression of global powers, injustice of our own and disloyalty of neighbors were such stains from which the verses of Surah Ahzab, while summoning each moment of the Islamic Emirate’s fall, let out cries: after the harsh conditions of the battle of Khandaq the conquest of Makkah’s bright chapter is to open. But the awe of American military planes cut off the ropes of love of many of our own too, rather close relations were transformed into hostility and malice. 

A strange day it was prior to the conquest of Makkah when Abu Sufyan came begging for negotiations, but no-one from among  Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA), Umar (RA) or the Prophet (PBUH) listened to him. The conquest of Makkah occurred with the negotiations having become unsuccessful.

A similar situation was seen here too. President Obama presented conditional negotiations and attempts were again continued after reducing the troop number. This time military technique was implemented (talk and fight) but American arrogance did not consider the weak Islamic Emirate worthy of sitting before it. Rather, demonstrating its haughtiness, negotiations were stopped due to the raising of the flag in a foreign country. Nonetheless, Trump then made a show of his stern disposition, announcing a new military policy (fight and fight) and fulfilled his military passion but the dispatching of a great number of coffins caused him to throw away all strategic considerations, diplomatic etiquette, superficial dignity, the apparent rivalry and enmity of Russia and China, and they not only announced the reduction of troop numbers but even beat the drum of departure without even taking their own allies in to confidence. This time however, the question of the secret to such rapid success of the negotiations can be heard from all sides — the secret which has caused Trump to become helpless in escaping this whirlpool.

The answer is clear: an effort to put the Sharia into practice, continuance of the Jihad and the sincerity, agreement and unity of the Afghan believing nation. Through these very qualities did the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) gain victory when various armies simultaneously attacked them. Regarding this, Allah the Most High said: 

اذ جاءتکم جنود فارسلنا علیھم ریحا وجنودا لم تروھا وکان اللہ بما تعملون بصیرا

“…when armies came to [attack] you and We sent upon them a wind and armies [of angels] you did not see. And ever is Allah, of what you do, Seeing.” [33:9]

Examples of bombardment from above and treachery of our own on ground came forth in the battle of Afghanistan just as they did in Ahzab, but in the same way the conquest of Makkah took place there, and prior to this attempts were made to bring Muslims to negotiate, likewise did armies arrive to Afghanistan and today the Islamic Emirate is indeed being called to negotiate, yet victory is the Taliban’s destiny. Therefore, read the account of the situation of Ahzab from the Lord of both Worlds:

اذ جاؤکم من فوقکم ومن اسفل منکم

[Remember] when they came at you from above you and from below you [33:10]

If in the light of the Prophetic biography we see the Russian defeat akin to the victory of the battle of Badr, then the American defeat can be likened to the conquest of Makkah, after which the global idols of disbelief are to be razed to the ground. 

فانتظروا انی معکم من المنتظرین

Then wait; indeed, I am with you among those who wait.  [10:102]

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