October 22, 2019

Hot battle fronts in Cold season

Hot battle fronts in Cold season

Heroic Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have kept Jihadist fronts hot in this cold season, killing tens of invaders in missiles and RPG attacks on their sanctuaries and overrunning several bases and check posts of Kabul regime’s troops.

Following are some examples of these Jihadi operations:

Amid ongoing Al Khandaq Operations, Mujahideen overtook 7 check posts in Ab Kamari, Sang Atish and Maqur districts of Badghis province after killing tens of enemy personnel and confiscating a sizable amount of war spoils.

Mujahideen carried out assaults on enemy check posts in Pusht Shahr area of Shindand district during which 8 tanks were destroyed, killing more than 20 puppets including several commandos.

At least 16 minions were killed when 3 tanks and 2 vehicles were destroyed in Mujahideen successful operations in Akhtepi area of Kala-e-Zal district in Kunduz province.

Enemy suffered heavy losses after Mujahideen overrun 2 check posts in Sheikh Dara area of Kashandi district of Balkh province.

Mujahideen over took a military base and 2 checkpoints in Dand Shahbuddin area, Pul Khumri district of Baghlan province, killing 30 ANA and ALP gunmen and leaving 5 others wounded as well as arresting 2 others. This comes after Mujahideen completely purged Zangi area of Burka district from enemy.

At least 8 puppets were killed with 7 others wounded after Mujahideen took control over a check post in Khwaja Ghar district of Takhar province.

As many as 7 checkpoints were overrun by Mujahideen in Ab Kamari, Sang Atish and Maqur districts of Badghis province, killing 42 including police chief and wounding 20 others.

17 puppets were killed, 6 wounded and 2 others arrested as 8 tanks destroyed in Herat province’s Shindand district.

Mujahideen also overrun 6 more posts in Chahar Bolak district of Balkh province.

3 enemy APCs were destroyed amid various attacks in Maiwand district of southern Kandahar province, killing and wounding 4 puppets.

During the current winter season, Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have not only kept their territories but also taken many areas from the enemy. Invaders and Kabul regime forces who are well equipped compared to the Mujahideen and have support of large artillery and air force still face shameless defeats at the hands of Mujahideen in every field which is a great sign of combined enemy’s annulment and cruelty and Mujahideen’s righteousness and undeniable proof of national support.

So those who are still serving invaders and have taken up arms for American interests, are killing their own people and are fighting against their own national values should repent from this crime and join the Mujahideen. The Islamic Emirate welcomes all countrymen who leave servitude of the invaders and assure them of security of life, wealth and honor.

The overall area of Mujahideen dominance has expanded in different parts of the country, providing safe lives to the public. Combined enemy does not have capability and morale of protecting their areas hence they are continuously purged from many areas as the siege of big cities tightens even further.

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