November 16, 2019

Khalilzad, the representative of Trump or Kabul…?

Khalilzad, the representative of Trump or Kabul…?

The Islamic Emirate expressed its concern about the negotiations process through an official statement the other day, stating that they do not trust the sincerity of the American negotiation team who are trying to waste time on issues that cannot end the past 18-year tragedy. And it seems that such manoeuvring will sabotage and delay the negotiations process for a long time, the responsibility of which shall be squarely on American’s shoulders.

Zalmay Khalilzad said during talks to the media: If the Taliban want to talk, we are ready to talk but if they don’t, we shall continue to fight and stand behind the Afghan government.

These remarks by Khalilzad make obvious that he is using this negotiations process as a tactic of prolonging the American occupation of Afghanistan. This emotional statement by Khalilzad is in no way, shape or form representing the policy of his president, Trump, who ordered his cabinet to seek direct talks with the Taliban to end the futile and costly war, extract the United States from the war and leave Afghanistan to the Afghans.

The crude remarks by Khalilzad only represents the demands of the Arg based officials who insist that America should continue extending them support, continue giving them money and continue the bloody war for their survival for 18 more years.

The Islamic Emirate opened up about the negotiations process to their fellow countrymen via the official statement, clarifying that impediments to progress are the deceptive mannerism of the Americans, their veering away from the agreed upon agenda, talking about unrelated issues and pursuing other objectives.

During the initial meeting with the representatives of the Islamic Emirate, Khalilzad clarified the message of America as – we want to prevent Afghanistan from threatening the security of the world and specifically that of the United States and to prevent another 911 from occurring, the reason why American forces intervened in Afghanistan – meaning this was the main point of concern that had to be part of the agenda. The Taliban clarified that their objective is the complete withdrawal of foreign forces, which was their main point of concern that had to be part of the agenda. Both sides willingly agreed that all future meetings will focus on these main points and both sides shall work towards swiftly reaching a positive outcome.

But during the Abu Dhabi meeting, Khalilzad told the representatives of the Islamic Emirate that if they want to find a resolution then the first step they must take is talk to the Afghans and that he had tasked Saudi Arabia to convene a meeting in the next few days for this very same purpose.

The Taliban representatives replied that this was never part of the agreed upon agenda. And to your point that we must talk to the Afghans, then talking to the Afghans is our own mutual domestic issue. We are currently in continuous talks with all Afghans, we are holding three official meetings with parties, politicians, tribal elders and other Afghans every month and have a comprehensive roadmap for the future. We have yet to run into any roadblocks.

But if by Afghans you mean the current doubled headed regime in Kabul set up by John Kerry, one of the most incapable, corrupt, incompetent and the most tyrannical regime towards its own people in history then this is never acceptable to any Afghan and neither do we officially recognize it as a government. Even so, if we do talk to Afghans at any level, we will not do it under the wings of American warplanes.

The first step has to be the complete withdrawal of foreign invaders so we understand that we are a sovereign people following which we will solve our internal affairs, a capacity fully possessed by the Afghans. The Islamic Emirate does not favor exclusive power and neither does it want to usurp the rights of any Afghan in their own homeland, therefore once foreign forces withdraw, we will welcome the efforts of United States and any other state that wishes to help us in solving issues amongst us Afghans.

As Khalilzad reacted to the statement of Islamic Emirate by declaring to the media that if the Taliban want to talk, we will talk or else will continue fighting, then this means Khalilzad does not actually want to talk to the Taliban about withdrawal of foreign forces. He is determined in his pursuit of a permanent US presence and is adamant on the issue of talks with the current regime because they have a security agreement with clauses of permanent military presence and judicial immunity to carry out every crime they please.

No matter how much the Islamic Emirate states that we have never rejected nor will we reject talks among Afghans but will not be undertaking this step under the wings of your warplanes and dictums, Khalilzad will continue to insist that we talk to the current Kabul regime in the presence of American occupiers.

The Islamic Emirate insists that the agenda of negotiations process with the foreign party should revolve around end of occupation and preventing Afghanistan from threatening America. And this is the only point that can deliver Afghanistan from the 18-year tragedy and allow America to extract herself out of this futile unwinnable war.

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