December 06, 2019

Negotiation with pressure tactics will not succeed

Negotiation with pressure tactics will not succeed

After President Donald Trump agreed on direct talks with the Islamic Emirate, his special envoy Khalilzad met with political representatives of the Islamic Emirate several times in different countries where the representatives of Islamic Emirate presented their agenda.

The end of occupation and assurance of America’s concerns about the future of Afghanistan were primary topics discussed alongside other important topics.

The Islamic Emirate considers “negotiation with the invaders” a suitable alternative. The United States has fortunately – willingly or unwillingly – also come to the same conclusion after 17 years of war. But unfortunately, US actions in this regard seem to be weak. Its elusiveness and indecisiveness toward the peace talks are explicit. Irrelevant discussions rather than addressing the actual cause can never solve the current Afghan problem.

Apparently, these efforts show that they want to continue their intervention and at the end of the negotiation, want to continue their occupation albeit on a smaller scale which will only further complicate the issue. US is trying to use other Islamic countries for this purposes rather than solving the problem, either using them as a tool of pressure, or tasking them with such.

The second thing is media spread some news without verifying with any side which can have adverse effects on the negotiations process. The rumors of a meeting in Saudi Arabia without the consent of the two sides can serve as an example.The Islamic Emirate has proven that it has sincerely entered the battlefield in order to end the occupation of Afghanistan, establish peace and provide peaceful life in the country. As long as Afghanistan’s independence is under threat, the Islamic Emirate will never give up or be willing to make any deal that could mean a betrayal of the sacrifices in the way of Jihad and for the sake of country’s total independence. The US must make themselves aware of the depth of the Afghan concerns and their wishes. And in a clear manner, they should not strive for unattainable objectives but focus on genuine causes of the problems.

The Islamic Emirate, which has over forty years of experience in the process of revolutions cannot be deceived. President Trump’s remarks indicate that he is trying to save the American people from the adverse effects of the occupation, which has plagued Afghans and others as well and in the long run saves America from doom. Thus, the US negotiating team should not miss this opportunity and use the decency of the Islamic Emirate to enter the talk, nor deviate from the path that Trump has given them. Or else it will neither end with any good of the US nor for Afghanistan.

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