November 16, 2019

Mujahideen initiative and enemy defeat

Mujahideen initiative and enemy defeat

As part of Operation AlKhandaq, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have liberated various military checkposts and large areas, inflicting heavy financial losses on the demoralized enemy troops and producing a rise in their casualty figures. The Mujahideen further obtained a large amount of war spoils and fulfilled well their responsibility of protecting the oppressed civilian population from the invading and quisling enemies. Among recent victories were the Mujahideen’s successful destruction of a military base in Maiwand in Kandahar, as a result of which dozens of commandos were dispatched to a dark fate; the killing of five occupying soldiers by an insider Mujahid in Herat province; missile attacks on Kandahar and Bagram airbases, alongside the Mujahideen having seized control of many enemy military bases, checkposts and headquarters in Ghazni, Helmand, Zabul, Paktia, Nangarhar, Faryab, Farah and other provinces. 

The now weary enemy is failing terribly in battling its elusive opponent. Because of this, it has sadly resorted to inflicting violence on the civilian population. The enemy’s operations consist largely of targeting religious seminaries, schools, clinics and marketplaces. Under various excuses Afghan civilians are martyred or taken into custody, prompting determination on the Mujahideen’s part to avenge such terrible injustice and to increase their military operations. Even now they are engaged in liberating territory under enemy control and in providing the Afghan people relief from enemy barbarity. In liberated areas, various departments of the Islamic Emirate are active in providing the people such necessities as security and means to earn a living. Religious and modern educational institutes have also been established, while courts are providing swift justice — a sharp contrast to enemy controlled territory. 

The Mujahideen’s upper hand in the war has created an understandably agonized enemy. Therefore, every possible effort has been made by the occupiers and quislings to raise army morale, yet such attempts have proven ineffective before Mujahideen operations. This is demonstrated by the embarrassing but daily enemy abandonment of military bases and checkposts in fear of Mujahideen attacks. The overall situation is now such that both the enemy and Mujahideen have come to acknowledge the Islamic Emirate’s inevitable expansion over an increasing number of areas.  

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