December 06, 2019

A look at Jihadi Situation in the Year 2018

A look at Jihadi Situation in the Year 2018

The seventeenth year of American invasion of Afghanistan also came to an end. 2018 was an important year of ongoing Jihad against America because another US president – Donald Trump – after Bush and Obama experimented with his strategy for Afghanistan in the battlefield.

Donald Trump had announced its military strategy for Afghanistan in August 2017 but implementation and compliance was considered to be in the year 2018. Gen. John Nicholson, the overall commander of the US military in Afghanistan tasked with implementing the Trump strategy was boosting about the new authorizations. In light of this strategy 2018 begun with heavy bombs and American brutalities while radios and western media put their weight behind propaganda. But Allah (SWT) helped Mujahideen to stand firmly against this new test like they stood against previous strategies and trials.

Following the announcement of Trump strategy, villages and suburbs of Afghanistan were bombarded, compounds destroyed and civilians were martyred, night raids and tragedies increased but the invaders failed to get victory or break the jihadist resolve of the believing nation. Thus in a short period of a few months, cracks of defeat appeared in the American strategy, the presumptuous talks of arrogant Nicolson were transformed into groaning of peace and ultimately not only was this strategy defeated, but the real figure John. Nicholson was expelled from Afghanistan as a failed general.

Continuous conquests of districts and military centers:

Last year was also unique in overtaking of enemy posts, bases and military centers. Mujahideen who are in better potions than the past, equipped with latest weapons and well versed and experienced in all war techniques, were able to limit areas of control of the stooge regime by overrunning check posts and bases in different areas of the country through special operations.

On the one hand Mujahideen liberated military centers through special operations and complex group assaults and on the other, enemy troops in throughout the country assessed the realities, surrendered to Mujahideen instead of battling and abandoned many military bases and check posts with all equipment to Mujahideen.

According to a rough estimations an average 70 enemy posts were overrun by Mujahideen each month along with tens of military centers and bases overrun or abandoned.

In addition to the conquest of posts and bases, Mujahideen also took brief control over district administration centers and even provincial capitals. During last year Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate took control over Ghazni and Farah provincial capitals on top of the 29 district administration centers across the country, the details of which are as follow:

Purchaman, Anar Dara and Shib Koh districts of Farah province, Khawja Umari, Jaghatu, Deh Yak, Ab Band, Malistan and Andar districts of Ghazni province, Kala-e-Zal district of Kunduz province, Kohistan district of Badakhsan province, Tala wa Barfak district of Baghlan province, Balcheragh and Lawlash districts of Faryab province, Dara boom district of Badghis province, Chinartu and Chora districts of Uruzgan province, Dashti Qala and Khwaja Ghar districts of Takhar province, Atghar district of Zabul province, Laja Mangle and Jani Khel districts of Paktia province, Ajristan and Balkh Chahi districts of Daikundi province, Jalga and Seydan districts of Wardak province, Khamab district of Jawzjan province, Balkhab district of Saripul province, Khushamand district of Paktika province have been liberated by Mujahideen. Apart from this Mujahideen also overrun contrived district center of Jaghatu, Khawaj Umari and Khawgyani districts in Ghazni province.

Casualties of invaders and mercenaries:

Last year was the deadliest year in terms of heavy losses to invaders as compared to past, the issue was even reflected in international media. The The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction – SIGAR
– also acknowledged along with officials of stooge regime that during 2018 their causalities increased many folds compared the years past.

There was over 12000 Jihadi attacks on the enemy including tens of martyrdom seeking attacks, killing over 20000 invaders and internal puppets and leaving the same amount injured with more than 3500 enemy vehicles, tanks and pickup trucks destroyed as well as 17 helicopters and drone aircraft shot down.

Crushing of enemy military leadership:

In the past year enemy’s military leadership was devastated through the killing and wounding of several key military leaders some of which are Azizullah Karwan, the key military head of Paktika, General Abdul Jabar Qahraman, the general commander of Helmand, commander Abdul Raziq, the police chief of Kandahar, commander Mama, head of Kandahar Quick Reaction Force, Farid Bakhtawr, the head of Farah provincial council, general Neamatullah Khalil, the deputy commander of 207 corps and wounding of Kandahar governor – Zalmi Wasia – and militia commander Hakim Shujae in Uruzgan.

Joining with righteous army:

Another reason of liberation of many areas and a number of military centers over the course of last year was the huge number of enemy personnel and workers who repented their mistakes, left the servitude of invaders and the stooge administration and joined the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate.

According to statistics of Preaching and Guidance Commission of Islamic Emirate, at least 8000 enemy personnel mostly ANA, ANP and ALP troops repented their mistakes and left enemy ranks, handing over thousands of weapons including hundreds of military vehicles and equipment to Mujahideen.

In a brief, last year was a year of military victory and enemy defeat, proving once again that yet another war strategy of America failed and Allah SWT blessed Mujahideen with great great triumphs, cleansing many areas from occupation and illuminating it with the rays of an Islamic system.

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