December 06, 2019

Civilian Casualty Report for year 2018

Civilian Casualty Report for year 2018

From the time American and her NATO allies invaded our beloved homeland Afghanistan up until this very day, they have ruthlessly martyred our innocent and defenseless countrymen, elders, youth, women and children, looted their reserves, bombed and destroyed their villages, bazaars, mosques, schools, madaris and business centers. This series of misery and tragedy continues unabated and the foreign invaders with the support of their domestic stooges commit such deliberate attacks on our innocent people every year.

From the day the Commission for Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints was founded by the Islamic Emirate until now, it has registered hundreds of detailed tragic and ruthless incidents of civilian losses at the hands of the invaders. It is similarly taken all necessary steps for their prevention so that the international community can understand the true face of the ruthless American invaders. In order that the people of the world grasp the suffering of the Afghan nation, the said commission has prepared a detailed report on civilian casualties for the year 2018 based on testimony of witnesses and primary sources.

Like the years past, 2018 was also a bloody year of civilian losses for our fellow countrymen. The Commission for Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints has recorded 1029 civilian casualty incidents based on reports collected from its own provincial officers, news channels, tribal elders and locals. Of these, a total of 865 incidents or 83% were committed by the Americans, army, police and militias of the stooge administration; 136 incidents or 14% were committed by Daesh or unknown individuals and 28 incidents or 3% were due to domestic feuds.

On top of the above human losses inflicted on our countrymen, the foreign invaders specifically the Americans have begun a systematic campaign of destruction through airstrikes and raids since the month of August 2018 during which time a total of 606 homes, 85 mosques, 495 shops and 51 schools and religious seminaries have been destroyed along with the destruction of 398 motorbikes, 58 small vehicles, 8 tractors, 8210 fruit trees and 3 boats.

Civilians Casualties: 2017 vs 2018

2018 was comparably bloodier to 2017 relating to civilian casualties. In the year 2017, the Commission for Prevention of Civilians Casualties documented a total of 926 civilian casualty incidents whereas these incidents rose to 1029 in the year 2018.

Moreover, the attacks, raids and bombings by US forces and stooge administration forces in 2017 resulted in the martyrdom of 1186 civilians whereas the death toll increased in 2018 to 2029.

The main cause behind this spike in the deliberate mass targeting of civilians in night raids, airstrikes on crowded villages, bazaars, schools, religious seminaries, mosques and business centers as well as the deliberate destruction of livelihoods including hundreds of homes and transport vehicles and thousands of fruit trees, all of which will be recorded by history as crimes against humanity.

The Commission for Civilian Casualties and Complaints of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has shared reports about these crimes with human right and humanitarian organizations during meetings and has held discussions about their prevention. The said commission has always condemned and labeled this mass murder and destruction of civilian property by the Americans and their allies as crimes against humanity. On the other hand, this commission has opened channels for the public to pursue any case they may have against any junior or senior Mujahid in the court of law. Moreover, any high-ranking official found guilty of committing a crime after an investigation will be treated as any common individual and the said commission has solved many public complaints and cases against during 2018 between officials of Islamic Emirate and a common citizen. Like the years past, the commission dispatched authoritative teams to various provinces of the country to collect complaints of the public and send reports to the Leadership Office. The Islamic Emirate created this commission to become a tool for the safety and development of the public and prevent casualties to civilians because one of the most important goals of the Jihad of Islamic Emirate is the security of our countrymen.

Few examples of civilian casualties:

1 – Kunduz

Enemy helicopters bombed a graduation ceremony being held in ‘Gujar Akhundzada Sahib’ religious seminary located in Fatano area of Dasht-e-Archi district.

Scholars and locals from across the province attended the graduation ceremony as per local custom, according to witnesses, who added that near the end as food was being prepared to cater to participants when helicopter gunships appeared and started bombing by targeting the children area in the beginning.

Locals say that over a hundred participants were martyred and more than 200 injured but the investigation carried out in areas controlled by Mujahideen recorded names of 59 martyrs and 160 wounded.

The names and numbers of those martyred and injured participants residing in enemy controlled areas, other provinces and faraway districts were not recorded due to their family members taking them away for burial or to hospitals for treatment prior to the investigation, hence giving credence to the claims of locals.

It should be mentioned that the number of those martyred in the bombings is 57 while the 2 others were martyred when the locals protesting the incident were intercepted and fired upon by Civil Order Police in Pul-e-Alchin area.


2 – Kandahar

Combined enemy forces carried out airstrikes and a raid on a wedding ceremony in Shahwalikot district of Kandahar province, martyring 9 civilians and detaining 6. The savage forces backed by airplanes raided the area in helicopters and simultaneously bombed the house where guests had gathered resulting in the martyrdom of:

Tor Jan and Zainullah both s/o Lawang Aka, Habibullah and Dur Muhammad both s/o Sultan Muhammad, Abdul Razziq s/o Abdul Ghaffar, Abdul Qayyum s/o Abdul Ghafoor, Siddiqullah s/o Habibullah, Sayyed Hassan s/o Daad Muhammad, Hikmatullah s/o Mullah Sayed Wali Akhund.


Mullah Bismillah, Mawlawi Zainuddin, Ayyaz Muhammad and 3 other visitors who had come to the village for labor.

A shop of a local was also destroyed in the raid.


3 – Kandahar

Special Unit of the Kabul administration raided Band-e-Taimoor region of Maiwand district during which they broke down gates of homes, forced people out and beat them before martyring 9 civilians, injuring 2 children and taking other away.

The enemy also torched 12 cars and 30 motorbikes of locals along with causing other damages to their property. They also freed 15 villagers the morning after however the fate of the rest is still unknown.


4 – Kandahar

Combined forces carried out an operation in Sra Baghal area of Maiwand district during which the enemy airstrikes left 22 civilians mostly laborers martyred and multiple others wounded.

The enemy also set fire to 7 motorbikes and 25 vehicles and destroyed a local clinic on top of causing damage to local properties.


5 – Kandahar

Combined forces raided civilian homes in Chugniyano area of Shahwalikot district during which they martyred 9 civilians (Abdullah along with 4 of his sons, a girl, Sammad Aka, Khairullah, Sayyed Rahman and another villager) and injured 3 women in Abdullah Aka’s house.


6 – Kandahar

American invaders raided in Shabo area of Shahwalikot district targeting villagers and laborers from Uruzgan and Helmand who were bring paid to pick and dry common fig (Anjeer) during which they martyred 6 civilians on top of destroying causing extensive damage by destroying the hand-picked and ready to dry fruit.

2 cars and 16 motorbikes were also destroyed in the incident and 4 other villagers taken away.


7 – Ghazni

Aircraft of occupying forces bombed a children playing yard and adjacent homes in Qarabaghi area of Ghazni capital resulting in the martyrdom of a woman (daughter-in-law of Nek Muhammad) and 5 children (Nazar Muhammad s/o Sher Jan, Abdul Hakim s/o Allah Nazar, Latifullah s/o Mawlawi Abdul Hannan, Abdullah s/o Abdul Latif and Ikramullah s/o Haji Abdul Wudood), severe injuries to 2 children (Ghulam Haidar and Abdul Salam) as well as the destruction of local Nek Muhammad’s house and other damages to local property.


8 – Ghazni

Savage invaders and their lackeys raided Deh Yak district during which they martyred 5 civilians and destroyed 6 mosques along with 5 homes.


9 – Jet aircraft of occupying forces bombed the home of a football coach in Khushak area of Ghazni capital resulting in the martyrdom of 18 family members including women and children.


10 – Ghazni

Occupying forces accompanied by their hirelings raided Nawa district bazaar during which they martyred a guard along with 5 other civilians as well as looting and destroying 140 shops and the central mosque on top of torching 6 cars and 54 motorbikes of locals.


11 – Helmand

A prayer congregation by travelers on the side of the road in Kofki area of Babaji district were targeted by enemy aircrafts from which 8 civilians were martyred and 11 more wounded.


12 – Helmand

Occupying forces and their hirelings raided Zardegi, Sadol and Shattan areas of Sangin district where they blew up gates with explosives, ransacked homes and shot everyone that they saw on top of carrying out multiple airstrikes from which 9 civilians including a woman were martyred and 15 others including children wounded.

During this brutal 24-hour raid, a SUV travelling on the road to Sarwan Kala was also targeted with airstrike from which 5 civilians (a local s/o Muhammad Jan Aka and 4 of his guests) were martyred. The enemy also torched 9 vehicles, a tractor and 15 motorbikes before leaving the area and taking away 25 locals as captives.


13 – Helmand

Foreign invaders and their hirelings carried out a raid on Koshti and Zanzeri Draf areas of Garmsir district during which the enemy targeted the bazaar and nearby homes with heavy fire and bombed the home of Akhtar Muhammad Aka resulting in 17 women and children along with 6 male family members martyred.


14 – Helmand

Foreign invaders and their lackeys raided the home of Abdul Rahman in Wormoz area of Nawzad district as a wedding ceremony was underway during which they martyred 5 men, 4 women and 3 children, destroyed the home and a vehicle.


15 – Helmand

Foreign invaders and their hirelings raided Bar Nawzad area of Nawzad district during which they bombed a mosque along with the homes of Agha Jan and Sado Aka resulting in Agha Jan along with 6 of his family members and 3 women and children of Sado Aka martyred.


16 – Helmand

Combined foreign and stooge forces raided civilian homes under the disguise of an operation in Shawal Gul Bazaar area of Nad Ali district during which they bombed 4 homes, martyring 19 civilians and wounding 30 as well as destroying a tractor.

Names of Martyrs:

Abdul Baqi, his wife, 3 daughters and 5 sons (Sayed Rahman, Noorullah, Rahmatullah, Rafiullah and Hikmatullah).

The recently wedded wife of Qudratullah, 4 travelers, 2 civilians riding a motorbike and 2 other travelers returning back to Lashkargah city.

Names of Injured:

Abdul Ghaffar, Abdul Malik, Gul Agha, Zuhoorullah, Saifullah, Khan Agha, Jameel Ahmad, one-month old child Sharifullah, Abdul Salam, 12 civilians including women and children moving to Lashkargah in the van of Sayed Ahmad, 5 civilians going to bazaar on their motorbikes and 3 daughters of Abdul Ghaffar.


17 – Faryab

Jumma Bazar district bazaar was shelled by Kabul administration forces with mortars resulting in 12 civilians martyred and 31 others wounded.


18 – Faryab

A mosque and multiple homes were destroyed as well as 11 civilians martyred and 8 wounded when foreign forces carried out airstrikes on local homes in Fush Qala, Baghat and Islam Qala area of Shireen Tagab district.


Haji Turab Gul’s son Amanullah and his mother from Fush Qala area.

Haji Jalil s/o of Rahman Gul, Arbab Khan Muhammad s/o Muhammad Bai, Muhammad Umar and Qudratullah s/o Abdul Hai, mother of Nasrullah, mother and 3 daughters of Shah Muhammad Bai from Baghat area.


Daughter and son (Samiullah) of Amir Muhammad Beg, Sirajuddin Beg s/o Noor Muhammad along with his wife, 3 daughters and son (Ahmad Khalid).


19 – Faryab

Indiscriminate shelling of homes in Koh-e-Sayyad area of Shireen Tagab district by Kabul administration forces resulting in the martyrdom of 9 children namely:

Jan Muhammad s/o Haji Jan Agha, Ghulam Sahkhi s/o Nadi Madal, Abdullah s/o Madal, Fatimah d/o Madal, Gulbuddin s/o Ghulam Rasoul, Farhad s/o Sardar, Inamullah s/o Khudai Daad, Rahimullah s/o Khan Mirza, Fareed s/o Sardar.


20 – Farah

Civilians working in their fields were targeted by enemy helicopters in Babos area of Anar Dara district resulting in the martyrdom of 8 civilians.

Khudai Daad, Ghulam Muhammad, Qudoos, Eid Gul, Haji Gulab Shah, Hassan, Abdul Salam and one more.


21 – Farah

Foreign invaders and their hirelings raided civilian homes in Arifabad area of Bala Baluk district during which fighter jets also carried out airstrikes from which 4 civilians were martyred and 2 others wounded. Reports added that in the final phase of the raid, the enemy levelled the home of Sayyed Gul and Ahmad Agha with explosives, burying 10 family members under the rubble and who are still under treatment in the central hospital.

The home of Sayyed Abdullah Agha was also torched and destroyed in the raid and two other civilians, sons of Sayyed Amir Agha and Aslam were shot and injured.


22 – Badghis

An artillery shell fired by enemy forces hit the house of Khudai Raheem in Ishaqzo area of Bala Murghab district from which 6 civilians were martyred or injured.

The wife, daughter-in-law, 12 and 8 year old daughters and 2 year old granddaughter of Khudai Raheem were martyred and another daughter-in-law wounded.


23 – Uruzgan

Combined enemy forces raided Anarji area of Dehrawod district during which they blew up gates, ransacked homes, beat up locals while also firing upon locals and carrying out airstrikes from which 8 civilians including 2 women were martyred, 5 civilians including 2 children were wounded while 2 other civilians were taken away as captives.


25 – Uruzgan

Kabul administration forces shelled with home of Muhammad Ibrahim in Loe Manda area of Chora district resulting in the martyrdom of 5 of his daughters and a son as well as injuries to 3 more girls.


26 – Maidan Wardak

American forces and their hirelings raided Mullah Hafiz village in Jaghatu district during which the enemy broke down gates, ransacked homes and caused extensive damages to property. The enemy also martyred 6 civilians (Sohbatullah s/o Amrullah, Khan Agha s/o Dilawar, Shamsullah s/o Rozi Khan from Logar’s Baraki Barak district, Mansoor from Daymirdad district, Baryali and Nangyali s/o Sur Gul and guards of local bazaar) and took away 4 more villages on top of destroying the homes of Kalim and Mirza and torching 5 motorbikes.


27 – Paktika

Airstrikes by occupying forces close to Geyan district bazaar left 4 civilians martyred namely Malim Jan s/o Shajem, Nazar Wali Khan and Atta Khan s/o Chabak and the daughter of Mazak, and left 14 others wounded.

The names are as follow:

Gul Marjan s/o Kagi, Din Khan s/o Khadi, Nazeer s/o Noor Muhammad, Macha Khan s/o Atta Khan, Keko s/o Atta Khan, Aziz Khan s/o Muhammad Khan, Raees s/o Piyaw Khan, Sifatullah s/o Etal, Muhammad Rahim s/o Gul Faraz, wife of Malakh, daughter of Sher Muhammad, daughter of Mazak, wife of Khairullah and mother of Awal Khan.


28 – Paktika

American invaders and their hirelings raided on Geyan district bazaar and adjacent villages during which the looted and destroyed all the shops, ransacked homes and stole all valuables including cash before blowing up homes and beginning extrajudicial killing of villagers including women and children.

A total of 21 villagers including 5 women and 3 children were shot point blank range after forcing them out of their homes and another 7 were shot and wounded.


29 – Paktika

American invaders and their hirelings raided Bremo area of Chahbaran district during which they martyred 5 civilians and wounded 5 family members including 2 women as well as destroying a mosque, 21 motorbikes and a van.


Mullah Noor Gul s/o Saman, Jumagai s/o Wali Daad, Mashi s/o Akbar Khan, Ahmadzai s/o Minzai and Khan s/o Jalat.


Mal Daad s/o Gul Daad, Ali Murad s/o Maladi, Abdul Rahma s/o Malad and 2 women.


30 – Paktika

Foreign invaders and their hirelings carried out a raid on Naka district bazaar and 4 adjacent villages named Sadaq, Noori, Sra Kala and Bazak during which they destroyed 40 shops of Naka bazaar, destroyed the home of Haji Falah in Sadaq village and martyred him along with two other villagers, martyred 3 in Noori village including Dr. Zakeem.

All in all, 7 civilians including a child were martyred and 5 others taken away as captives, destroying 5 vans and a truck and torching many civilian properties.


Mawlawi Sahib Khala s/o Abdul Rahman from Guli Khan village

Haji Falah s/o Sajan from Sadaq village

Dr. Zakeem s/o Haji Saleem from Noori village

Khafiadeen s/o Macheen

Child of Per Muhammad from Noori village


31 – Nangarhar

American invaders and their hirelings raided Dawlatzaio area of Chaparhar district during which they martyred 6 civilians and injured 4 on top of carrying out other savagery.


32 – Nangarhar

Foreign invaders carried out airstrikes on Al Dabagh area of Sherzad district from which 3 homes were destroyed, 11 civilians martyred and 5 others wounded.


Qadeer, Rahmani, Gul Gelas Khan, Inqilab, Fareed, Gul Bakht, Ainullah and 4 others.


Muhammad Hassan, Saifullah, Zaitullah, Hussain Gul and Karmal.


33 – Nangarhar

American invaders bombed the homes and property of civilians under justification of targeting Daesh in Gor Gori, Shabi and Bnagzar areas of Haska Maina district from which 10 civilians were martyred and over 20 wounded.


34 – Nuristan

American invaders initially martyred a Mujahid and injured 2 through an airstrike in Kattar Gambeer area of Want Waygal district.

At night, the savage enemy bombed and destroyed the house where the martyr was taken resulting in 10 civilians including women and children martyred and 7 others wounded


35 – Paktia

American invaders and their hirelings raided Sahako area of Zurmat district during which they shot and bombed school children, women and villagers as a result a total of 31 civilians were martyred and 5 others wounded.


36 – Khost

CIA trained Zarbati forces raided the home of Badshah Gul in Pahlawan Khel village of Bak district during which they martyred 5 family members and wounded 5 others.

37 – Parwan

Foreign invaders and their hirelings raided Deh Bala area of Jabbal Siraj district during which they bombed a home from which 3 civilians were martyred and 8 others wounded.


38 – Takhar

Enemy forces carried out a 2-day operation around Khwaja Ghar district center during which they targeted civilian homes with heavy weapons fire resulting 10 civilians including women and children martyred and a number of homes heavily damaged.


39 – Takhar

Enemy forces shelled Saseghkol area of Dasht-e-Qala district with artillery fire from which one landed inside a house resulting in 5 civilians martyred and 8 others wounded.


40 – Kunar

American invaders and their hirelings raided Chogam, Barghando and Sokano areas of Shegal district during which they initially forced people out of their homes and shot them before completely destroying 4 villages with airstrikes as a result 65 innocent civilians including women and children were martyred.


Commission for the Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints

Wireless Radio name and number: Hayat, 5777

Mobile Phone: 0707918384 – 0794717946

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