November 16, 2019

Repeating the same experiment and expecting different results is idiocy

Repeating the same experiment and expecting different results is idiocy

The commander of the occupying American forces in Afghanistan Gen. Miller admitted during an interview with CNN that they won’t achieve a military victory in Afghanistan. In fact, many American generals like Miller and policy makers recognize that the longest war of American history is becoming increasingly complicated, the Taliban are gaining strength and territory under their control is expanding. The obvious implication of his statement was that America has lost the war.

For seventeen years the Afghan people have offered continuous sacrifices under the Islamic Emirate’s leadership and are actively engaged in the noble fight against foreign occupation. During these seventeen years they were subject to unbelievable levels of oppression and barbarism from the so-called civilized peoples of Europe and America, yet they still did not abandon their stance, making it unequivocally clear to the world that they prefer a day of freedom over a hundred years of slavery. Therefore, America ought to accept these ground realities and avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. It should try to understand the outline presented by the Islamic Emirate for the establishment of peace and end of the war. The Islamic Emirate has said many a time that it will not allow Afghan soil to be used against any country. If, despite this, America continues to search for excuses to prolong its illegitimate occupation, then we too shall not refrain from offering further historic sacrifices for our legitimate rights, religious values and freedom. Let America remember that we are not ones to tire from Jihad until the morning of doomsday and unlike the faltering morale of the enemy soldiers, our morale only increases with each passing day ensuring the continuance of our resistance.

America should not repeat its failed experiences in the political and military fields it claims to be most well versed in. Her interest and safety lies solely in a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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