November 16, 2019

Commitment and Determination of Islamic Emirate

Commitment and Determination of Islamic Emirate

The Islamic Emirate had commenced its resistance against American aggression from the very first day the barbarians reared their ugly head in Afghanistan. Through a combination of thoughtful strategizing, careful maneuvering and tireless efforts the Islamic Emirate proved that the Mujahideen’s roots are firmly entrenched among the Afghan public. The Islamic Emirate is not just a group; it is a public movement. The enemy has conducted large-scale propaganda efforts and military operations against the Mujahideen alongside placing all kinds of bans on them. However, due to the Help of Allah (SwT), as well as support from the Afghan people and the sincerity and management of our leadership, the Islamic Emirate has emerged all the more successful and is now heading towards victory.

The quislings at Kabul declare the Jihad against their invading American masters a scheme of foreigners — just one example of the ludicrous conspiracy theories they promote. The Kabul administration can also be seen raising false slogans of peace. As for the Islamic Emirate, it has presented its policy regarding peace in various international conferences and important countries of the world have welcomed it. Fortunately, the invaders themselves have accepted the realities very recently, resulting in the initiation of peace talks with the Islamic Emirate. They have admitted that a political solution to the Afghan conflict is possible. On the Islamic Emirate’s part, it has attempted to remove the enemy’s apprehensions alongside expressing firm determination to continue the Jihad until the occupying enemy withdraws completely from our land.

The Islamic Emirate has proven on various occassions that it is not at all willing to compromise on our country’s freedom and national interests, will form decisions in accordance with the desires of the grieved public and Mujahideen, will certainly not adopt a weak stance before enemy pressure nor hesitate to offer further sacrifices for the obtainment of our Islamic and national objectives. As is evident, the Islamic Emirate has humbled the enemy into submission in both the military and political fields. It has successfully unveiled their schemes and shattered their ambitions in Afghanistan. We are confident that the Islamic Emirate will carry out the role of representing the Afghan people in a manner most befitting patriots and true defenders of the country.

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