November 16, 2019

Unbreakable bond between Islamic Emirate and the nation

Unbreakable bond between Islamic Emirate and the nation

Islamic Emirate is an Islamic and national movement that has emerged from within the public which has saved the nation from every type of anarchy by punishing and expelling murderers, robbers and sellers of our lands and values.

Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate has suffered many troubles, wounds and imprisonments for the protection of honor, lives and property of their oppressed people and embraced martyrdom in this way, but they never compromised on national interests.

Similarly, the Afghan Mujahid nation has welcomed the Islamic Emirate with open arms. They have been supporting Mujahideen despite poverty and difficulties. They have opened their homes for Mujahideen, provided meals and are serving Mujahideen day and night.

Invaders and the Kabul regime have targeted Afghan public in various forms in revenge of supporting Mujahideen by destroying their compounds, looting shops and assets, damaging gardens and crops, martyring, wounding and abducting their children, women, elders. They have bombarded the nation with heavy bombs both in times of happiness and grief, martyring and wounding dozens in a single tragic incident as bombardment of Uruzgan, Kandahar, Kunar, Helmand, Bala Baluk, Aziz Abad, Shindand, Haska Mina, Ghazi Abad, Baraki Barak, Paktia, Paktika, Kunduz and etc. are some examples of this brutal series.

Afghan public, despite all the above mentioned savageries and terror of invaders and regime troops have not only failed to end their support of Mujahideen but have also doubled down on their determination for sacrificing even further for the cause of Jihad. They have kept alive the cradle of Jihad by fighting side by side with Mujahideen for the defense of national honor and Islamic values.

The enemy is using every mean of force and incentives for creating misunderstanding between the Islamic Emirate and the nation in order to continue its illegal occupation of Afghanistan. The enemy never refrains from any horror and terror in this regard and has often directly or indirectly planted bombs in streets and markets and blamed Mujahideen through finger-puppet media.

Islamic Emirate is vigilantly monitoring enemy plots and will not allow the enemy to craft any misconception between Mujahideen and nation by disposing every destructive plane from the very root. The Islamic Emirate is committed of further increasing efforts for comprehensive prosperity of its nation and protection of honor, lives and property of its people.

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