November 16, 2019

Why can’t talks be held with Kabul administration…?

Why can’t talks be held with Kabul administration…?

The two- day negotiations took place between a delegation of the Islamic Emirate and American envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad in the Abu Dhabi capital of the United Arab Emirates. An important part of the negotiations’ agenda was the removal of foreign armies from Afghanistan and the end of American aggression. Supposed security concerns emanating from Afghanistan held by America and the West was second on the agenda. Alongside the aforementioned, there was the release of prisoners, black list, establishment of the office and some other topics which were vital for taking the negotiations ahead and for confidence- building. In conclusion, America ought to take the initiative in this regard so that sincerity on its part concerning negotiations becomes evident.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (whom had recognized the Islamic Emirate’s government prior to the failed war) participated in the meeting as observers. On the second day, the Kabul administration sent a delegation of its own towards the UAE eager to attend the meeting even if uninvited (!) however, the Islamic Emirate stood in opposition to such attempt and reiterated its firm stance regarding the quisling administration of Kabul lacking any ability to solve our issues. Due to this, it ought not be permitted to participate and nor do we desire to meet the mere puppets of the puppet master. Taking into consideration the previously stated agenda points, it is nonsensical to meet the quisling administration because its very role is to safeguard foreign occupation. It cannot and does not desire to bring an end to American aggression because its sole means of survival lies in the continuance of such aggression and its only function is to uphold American dominance over Afghanistan.

The Kabul administration had made a security agreement from the outset to prolong foreign occupation. It permitted the occupying enemy to carry out various kinds of criminal acts in our country and shamelessly collaborated with the American army in slaughtering its own countrymen. To date, the Afghan people are suffering from the consequences of this agreement. The invaders and quislings consider the blood of our people so cheap that they refuse to abstain from martyring dozens of faultless civilians in raids and airstrikes daily. During the meeting Khalilzad himself admitted that their bombardment, wherever carried out, was upon the Kabul administration’s request. Consider that from the skies, American planes and on the ground, Afghan forces are both fiercely engaged in attacks on the oppressed civilian population. They conduct raids on them night and day, puppet forces colloborate with their uncivilized Western masters in massacring innocents, houses are demolished without reason while even women and children are not left unharmed from their evil. Realistically speaking, the quisling administration of Kabul can be accurately described as deprived of any level of ability to solve such serious issues as the black list, political office, etc. These are issues which are directly related to the invaders and only they have the authority to make decisions in this regard. The puppets are too insignificant to be needed for this.

On the other hand, should the Kabul administration desire to arrive at an understanding with the Islamic Emirate, then it ought to firstly abolish the security agreement, thereby giving a decisive response to America. It should further apologize to the Afghan nation for its past support of American aggression, dishonourable security agreements made and inhumane crimes committed. As well as this, it should promise to present those criminal elements whom are guilty of treachery to the nation and of violating human rights before an Islamic court. It is possible that at such point the Islamic Emirate may take a glance at the prospect of speaking to the Kabul administration.

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