November 16, 2019

Terrorism of the civilized world

Terrorism of the civilized world

Invaders from the supposed civilized world and their mercenaries once again terrorized the Afghan people. This time they did not only martyr 10 or 20 civilians or destroy a house or two, rather an entire village catastrophically leveled.

Invaders and the “intellects” army raided 4 villages in the Sholten Valley of Shigal District, Kunar Province, and initially martyred dozens of civilians after taking them outside their houses and then bombarded their villages. Tens of women and children inside their houses were killed in the bombardments, with the number of martyrs reaching 65 so far whereas tens of injured civilians have been transferred to Asad Abad and other hospitals.

The local poor people suffered great financial loss on top of the human tragedy. Their homes were leveled, all household items, food and vehicles destroyed and even their cattle and livestock was shot and killed. The invaders and the Kabul administration tried to justify their terrorism by claiming they were initially attacked by the Taliban attacked and that civilians may have lost their lives when they responded to the attack. Like always, the local people in the area claim that there were no Taliban in the area and no attacks were carried out on the invaders and the stooge regime.

Lately, the raids and bombardments targeting civilians have increased and hundreds of civilians have lost their lives, are maimed and have suffered great financial losses in different parts of the country over the past month.

The role of human rights organizations, media and UNAMA is brought under question during civilian deaths because they not only avoid condemnation of these incidents, rather they try their utmost to keep these crimes and those responsible away from public scrutiny.

This behavior strikes the integrity of media and human rights organizations because people witness the martyrdom of a number of civilian countrymen while the “impartial” media either fail in properly covering the incident or obscure the facts.

The army of the supposed “civilized world” has clearly violated all the laws and agreements via the terror and fear they spread. The cover of “civilization” is being used for implementation of wilderness, premeditated murder of women, children and livestock and polluting the environment. They shout at the top of the lungs about the rights of women, children, animals and human rights in their speeches but in real world situations, they are western crusaders from middle ages spreading terror, ignorance and oppression.

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