November 16, 2019

Military and Political consolidation of Islamic Emirate

Military and Political consolidation of Islamic Emirate

The Islamic Emirate has made evident to the foreign aggressors and enslaved Kabul administration that in spite of their years of continuous barbarism and savagery they are only moving towards their own defeat. The Islamic Emirate has firm faith in the Help of Allah the Most High and is engaged in Jihad with the support of the Afghan people. The noble armed struggle of the Islamic Emirate is ongoing throughout Afghanistan and the Mujahideen are benefiting from the sincere support of their countrymen. The conditions are so favorable that on the one hand the Islamic Emirate is engaging the inhumane enemy on the battlefield while on the other, it is being further strengthened with each passing day, its control is expanding to an increasing number of areas while war spoils are overflowing. One very clear demonstration of public support is the large-scale gatherings taking place in support of the Islamic Emirate.

According to unbiased research and admission of the occupying powers themselves, the Mujahideen have control over more than half of Afghanistan. The situation is such that the Mujahideen are at liberty to conduct operations whenever they so wish in the large cities over which they do not even possess full control, such as Kabul.

The Islamic Emirate has the enemy engaged on all fronts; as well as inflicting heavy losses upon it in the military arena, it is also highly active politically. As part of its political efforts the representatives of the Islamic Emirate have visited various countries, participated in international conferences and met with the leaders of different organizations. The fundamental stance of the Islamic Emirate has been put forth in such conferences and meetings, and countries of the world and region have been assured that we shall not accept foreigners in our country nor interfere in the affairs of others.

The Islamic Emirate, fulfilling well the role of representing the Afghan people, has upheld this legitimate armed and political struggle for the obtainment of our nation’s rights. Through the Islamic Emirate’s tireless and ongoing efforts for over a decade it has demonstrated that its work for freedom and the implementation of an Islamic system is serious. With the bravery bestowed upon its soldiers by Allah the Most High and a prudent strategy the Islamic Emirate has surrounded the occupying enemy and quislings. Along with this, its adherence to a well thought out policy has extended the range of areas beneath its control while the now disgraced enemies of Islam and our country are suffering heavily on a daily basis. They have none to blame but themselves for such a hopeless state they find themselves in.

The enemy attempted to destroy the Mujahideen or at least weaken them in every possible way. It did not withhold from inflicting all levels of oppression and state terrorism on the Mujahideen yet the Islamic Emirate did not weaken and the resolve of its Mujahideen did not break, rather they have now become an unignorable power in the political, military and even media fields. It is only logical that the humiliated enemy come to terms with these realities.

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