November 16, 2019

Peace cannot be established with violence and savagery

Peace cannot be established with violence and savagery

US-led foreign invading forces have sped up efforts of peace and simultaneously increasing night raids and blind bombings.

In July this year, American media reported Trump ordering his officials to launch direct talks with Taliban.

For the past five months America has been struggling for direct talks with Taliban but at the very same time, it has geared up her indiscriminate bombardments and nigh raids in Afghanistan.

From July till the end of November, 1662 innocent civilians mostly women and children have been martyred in various areas of the country, double of this amount have been wounded and even more are abducted besides financial losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, they are shamelessly targeting civilians then naming them Taliban while the whole world see pictures and videos through social media where women, children and ordinary civilians are deliberately targeted.

Two weeks ago, 23 innocent civilians were martyred in a bombardment in Garamsir district who were also labeled Mujahideen by combined enemy, but later, UNAMA witnessed the scene and confirmed that none of them was Taliban rather 18 were women and children despite the fact that UNAMA try their utmost to hide crimes of invaders.

Meanwhile, American forces accompanied by stooges bombarded a wedding ceremony in Ormuz area of Nawzad district, causing heavy casualties to villagers.

Similarly, 8 villagers were martyred and 7 compounds flattened by enemy in Logar.

Likewise, in Khost, Kunduz, Wardak, Paktia, Nangarhar and other provinces the enemy has begun the process of massacring innocents, dismantling of mosques, madrasas and villager’s compounds accompanied by slogans of peace and negotiations.

We do not know why the enemy like a furious wild animal bites everyone. Will such lies, duplicity, barbarism and cruelty lead them to any goal?!
With killing of general public they only expose their true brutal face, but can never achieve any nefarious intentions they want to get.

The fact is that such barbarism and cruelty with reverberations of peace and negotiations is aimless by which they cannot compel Mujahideen to any deal, whereas Islamic Emirate could possibly revisit its policy of negotiations in response to criminal acts of combined enemy.

Because from one hand they are beating drums of peace and on other hand they are bombing innocent civilians, martyring women and children which is blatant hypocrisy, fraud, brutality and cruelty.

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