December 06, 2019

Baseless Claims and Fake News

Baseless Claims and Fake News

The servile Kabul administration is confronted with an embarrassing failure and is also victim to isolation from the master it has served for over a decade. Perhaps these factors have played a role in its speeding up of publishing baseless and fake news. The media is aiding the puppet administration in this through publishing news without verification, thereby acting in opposition to the principles of journalism it ought to have been abiding by. The representatives of the puppet Kabul government are constantly making claims before the media regarding operations in such-and-such area or province of Afghanistan having taken place, as a result of which more than a hundred members of the Taliban were killed including senior commanders. Unfortunately for them, they are capable only of raiding the homes of unarmed civilians whom have done them no wrong. They target the harmless civilian population in their very homes during the night, women and children are murdered in cold blood, their homes are destroyed without reason while stories of theft have become commonplace. The list of their crimes knows no end yet despite all this, the barbaric enemy still attempts to shamelessly ascribe its own criminal acts of murder to the Mujahideen in an effort to mislead public opinion and please its dissatisfied master.

The very next day after the enemy’s merciless bombardment people of the area post pictures and videos of martyrs and destroyed homes on social media and even protest in large cities but the sold-out media still takes care to publish only baseless news in favour of the puppet Kabul administration while overlooking genuine reports. These media persons do not even make an attempt to discover the stance of locals. From who did they learn journalism?!

It ought to have been that the media properly fulfilled its journalistic responsibilities, verified every incident and paid special attention to publishing the reality as opposed to falsehood. The level of untrustworthiness of these media representatives is such that they do not even go to the place of the crime and nor do they obtain information from locals or eye-witnesses. Their job is only to publish the baseless statistics coming from the Kabul administration. Therefore, far from being called free press, it is more appropriate that it be called a loudspeaker of the puppet Kabul administration.

On the other hand, all the above ought not to be considered strange because lying and publishing lies has been a favorite pastime of the Kabul administration’s representatives since they were installed, as well as authorities such that even the common people understand this too well but have sadly become accustomed to their ceaseless dishonesty. The people are well acquainted with the low level of truth in the words of government representatives after the occurrence of any incident. After the defeat of the Soviet Union when the representatives of the Kabul communist government realized that the time of their government’s fall is nearing they found their aid in propaganda and fake reports. They would make claims of having targeted hundreds of Mujahideen in such-and-such province as well as having arrested hundreds everyday. History is merely repeating itself. The Kabul administration too is standing before the fate of the previous communist government.

Its publishing of baseless and fake news can be therefore understood in this context. Taking the support of dishonest media the puppet Kabul administration is trying, but failing, to increase the duration of its existence.

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