November 16, 2019

Martyrdom is our Greatest Desire

Martyrdom is our Greatest Desire

Recently the occupying American enemy carried out an airstrike on governor Mullah Abdul Manaan Akhund in the Helmand province and succeeded in martyring him in a very cowardly fashion. Indeed to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.

The leadership of the Islamic Emirate has a vast history of being graced with martyrdom in this noble cause. Its leadership has given countless sacrifices in the movement against disorder and corruption, as well as against foreign aggression in the present Jihad and is fully prepared to offer further sacrifices for the attainment of the movement’s lofty objectives. The leaders of the Islamic Emirate will not withhold from giving sacrifices in defense of Islam and our oppressed nation and shall keep the Jihad against disorder and illegal foreign occupation ongoing. Something unique to the Islamic Emirate is this too that its leadership takes a stand in the first row of combat, they courageously confront all kinds of oppression inflicted by the savage enemy and live among the public and Mujahideen. There are such deep ties of brotherhood and friendship between the average Mujahid and his leaders that they are not affected by the enemy’s propaganda efforts, its oppression, nor the weak efforts to instil fear in them. Rather, they firmly trust one another.

The martyred Mullah Abdul Mannan Akhund was the nation’s hero and his martyrdom is a great loss however the reality is, through the martyrdom of the leadership our struggle has not at all become weak rather has indeed become further organised and strong. The Islamic Emirate had issued a statement regarding Mullah Abdul Mannan’s martyrdom in which Mullah Abdul Mannan is described as a sincere and valiant Mujahid. By his fierce resistance and excellent strategy he cleansed 95% of the Helmand province from the impure occupying army and its slaves, thus clearing the path for the Islamic Emirate’s rule. Al Haj Mullah Abdul Mannan Akhund shall remain alive in our hearts and his bravery and determination will serve as an example and lesson for the Mujahideen. Mullah Abdul Mannan Shaheed trained hundreds of individuals and leaders of his like in Helmand and they will continue the Jihad and resistance against the occupying and puppet enemies.

On the one hand the Islamic Emirate’s noble Mujahideen have avenged their leadership and nation while on the other hand the enemy, due to the continuous sacrifices of our martyrs, has been forced to retreat in a humiliated manner, and the areas which the Islamic Emirate dominates have now increased. The foolish enemy, however, naively thought that we would become weak through the martyrdom of our leaders. Due to its own lack of faith it is ignorant that to hold the elevated rank of martyrdom is our heartfelt desire and is a means of immense pride for us. The foolish enemy is perhaps unaware that we pray to Allah continuously that He fulfil this desire of ours, for we consider the possession of such a status one granted by God to the fortunate. And this is why we congratulate one another and the families of the martyrs after any one of us attains such a noble rank, for this it is that is the path of success.

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