December 06, 2019

Attack on G4S, revenge of the oppressed nation

Attack on G4S, revenge of the oppressed nation

Heroic martyrdom seeking members of martyrdom squad of Islamic Emirate attacked a large combined enemy military center – G4S – in PD9 of Kabul city some days ago. According to details most of 232 residing foreigners and internal puppets were been killed and wounded.

Assaults on such sensitive military and intelligence centers show infiltration of Mujahideen in enemy ranks. By attacking G4S, the Mujahideen demonstrated that enemy cannot hide behind security walls. They will be attacked and not allowed to pursue their mischievous goals whatsoever.

The official website of Islamic Emirate has termed the attack an example of revenge for the recent enemy savageries against innocent civilians across the country. As we are all aware, invaders and their internal puppets have launched a brutal series of night raids in various provinces of the country. Recently martyrdom of more than 15 civilians in Logar, martyrdom of 20 sleeping villagers in Uruzgan a couple of days ago, martyrdom of 23 innocent civilians most of which were children and women in Garmsir district of Helmand and savageries in Nangarhar, Paktika, and other areas are some cases of this series.

The statement also clarifies that the Islamic Emirate’s military officials have been directed to plan and execute further complex attacks on invaders and their puppets to curb their ability of perpetrating any further brutality and ferocities against our countrymen.

In the targeted center, the residing invaders and internal puppets were those criminals who used to plan and execute night raids in different parts of the country, the victims of which are defense less civilians mostly women and children.

This achievement of Islamic Emirate is highly appreciable because in such attacks not only the enemies of religion and country are destroyed but the oppressed nation is also avenged. The enemy must understand that they can neither implement their malicious strategies here nor defend themselves from Mujahideen attacks.

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