November 16, 2019

Spies and hirelings of US, read this carefully!!

Spies and hirelings of US, read this carefully!!

Since the past year the occupying American army inflicted such oppression on the defenseless Afghan people as cannot be sufficiently described by mere words. This barbarity took place through its trained special forces whom reached the peak of savagery in their treatment with Afghan civilians. The American army has taught these officials like trained mad dogs.

When the urge to shed Afghan blood overtakes the already psychologically disturbed American soldiers they issue a command to these trained beasts of theirs regarding the operation they want taking place in such-and-such area. As can be expected, dozens of faultless civilians are slaughtered in such operations and their homes bombed to pieces. Recently, in Logar, Nangarhar, Helmand and other provinces the enslaved forces martyred more than a hundred civilians in their very homes and arrested dozens of others during night raids.

According to verified reports, when these murderers return to their military bases they are welcomed by the occupying American army. The ones who have a special talent for inflicting oppression are given three hundred dollars for one killing. Such is their ruthlessness. Can anyone prove the Kabul administration’s taking any sort of action against such war crimes and inhumanity?

The American army has trained these murderers to oppress the Afghan people. Initially, American soldiers would go ahead and inflict oppression themselves but now they use these rented killers to murder civilians. The occupying enemy hopes to decrease the number of killed occupiers through this scheme and to have the Afghan people believe that this war is in reality between the Afghans.

The Kabul administration itself is one of the American army’s despicable schemes set up in Afghanistan. The objective for which the American army has provided military training to its slaves is that they continue to offer services for the advancement of American interests. For this reason, the slaves cannot at any cost question the rightness or wrongness of its master’s doings.

However, let the Kabul administration and security forces understand well that its master (America) is now searching for ways to flee Afghanistan. It is clear for the well-informed people that America too will leave its enslaved and puppet forces and rulers humiliated as the Soviet Union had left the communist elements helplessly and lonely after its defeat. Does the Kabul administration believe that it shan’t be held accountable for its oppression on the Afghan people? Note that excuses will not be accepted later on and that day is not far either, it is to come very soon, God Willing. Therefore, it is in the Kabul administration’s best interest that it support the anti-American resistance. An excellent way to offer apologies for its crimes is to begin war against the American army and to kill American soldiers wherever they are seen in Afghanistan. It is possible that due to the taking of such a decision the puppets will be granted protection after the barbaric American army is completely defeated and withdraws.

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