November 16, 2019

Spurious understanding of Taliban shall be the downfall of America

Spurious understanding of Taliban shall be the downfall of America

Khaled Ra’ad

An article appearing on CNN stated that the ongoing war in Afghanistan is in a stalemate. The writer deducted this conclusion from the argument that Taliban cannot overrun cities and vast territory and whenever they have tried to seize and control capital of a province, they have been pushed back by ANA with the backing and support of NATO advisers and US airstrikes.

Even though the writer mentions the failure of America on the battlefield and also writes about hopes of America politicians for the best outcome in the political field, his apprehension about Taliban being segmented into various factions like those found inside the Kabul regime castes doubt upon the viability of a political settlement.

He writes that due to the presence of many factions within the Taliban and national unity government, hopes towards reconciliation should be lowered. The article has cited Pentagon’s Special Inspector General Report that shifting political alliances within the government ahead of 2019 presidential elections may affect unification of Afghan politicians and that they would be unable to remain coherent during any negotiations.

The existence of various factions within the Taliban is the raison d’être behind the level of unwillingness to end or even discuss the Afghan war among American politicians.

This exhibits that the Taliban have not been clearly understood by the Americans and they still look at the unified ranks of the Taliban through the prism of others, which could possibly cause the Americans to make wrong decisions concerning the terrible situation in the country and prove even more detrimental for the downward trajectory of America.

To protect their own material interests and in order to force America to prolong her stay, there are some figures who give distorted information about Taliban to American politicians even as America suffers continual mortal and financial losses. Casualties and losses of America and her allies are of no concern to them instead they are solely worried about securing their personal fortunes, which can only continue by providing the false information about the Taliban to the Americans.

The United States should not be satisfied with the fictional definition of Taliban being pushed by the Kabul administration, rather she has to try and better understand Taliban through first-hand interaction. And the United States must also must not judge Taliban in the same light as the Kabul regime within which internal dissensions and schisms are growing day by day.

If America assesses Taliban by observing their movements on both military and political fields, she will properly grasp their factual features and will understand that the Taliban are not what Kabul-based politicians define them to be.

Frequently the Kabul-based politicians misled Americans by holding fake negotiations to gain monetary incentives. The Taliban have repeatedly rebuffed and denied these concocted meetings but unfortunately, the Americans are still intentionally or unintentionally turn a blind eye to the machinations of their puppets.

The incriminating propaganda being spread on media against Taliban for the past two decades was proved to be nothing but baseless lies of Kabul regime when Taliban showed their unity by announcing a three-day ceasefire during Eid ul Fitr holidays last year.

If America truly wishes to end this war and to protect her economy and global status, she will have to make efforts to properly understand the Taliban through direct interaction. Otherwise her downward spiral on the international stage shall continue to accelerate, just like the former Soviet Union and British invaders.

America cannot maintain her current economic and political status by continuing the occupation of Afghanistan because it is historical fact that Afghanistan is the graveyard of Empires. Therefore it would be in the best interest of America to end the longest war in the history of the United States.

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