September 19, 2019

Are elections supposed to be like this!?

Are elections supposed to be like this!?

A few days ago the parliamentary elections came to an end. America provided military, political and financial aid for these elections and many Afghans had to face damage to life and loss of wealth. Hundreds of people became victims to the disorder which entailed. Despite such a situation, the opinion of American society was that the elections were dishonest and that they have been proven unsuccessful. The Washington Post had written, “Less than half the population trusts the country’s Independent Election Commission…”

The illegal acts which came to the fore during the elections and that which was stated by American media, political parties, candidates and the public is a seperate story. The aforementioned American news outlet wrote that people did not leave the home for voting. For example, 5000 names were registered in the voting list of one of Kabul’s polling stations however, a mere hundred people actually casted their vote. As is evident, very few people came out to vote and the ones who did eventually became displeased due to the mismanagement and having become disappointed, returned home. They said that there was mismanagement at the polling stations, for example, the biometric machine wasn’t working, and so forth.

The news outlet further mentioned that the Taliban conducted so many attacks throughout the country that the majority of the public did not even mention the elections out of fear. More than two hundred attacks occurred across the entire country, most markets were shut in Kabul and there was an atmosphere of silence on the streets. On the first day of the elections, the New York Times had written that more than two hundred people were killed or wounded. Also, approximately fourty percent of the polling stations had been shut down.

These difficulties raised questions upon the very justification of the pointless elections. American media wrote that these are the fifth elections and every time, one billion dollars are spent on these elections yet up to eighty percent of the electoral process remains doubtful. According to Western media, the Afghan public do not have faith in the transparency of such elections and nor do they consider them to be the solution of the Afghan conflict.

This is because the imperialistic powers have occupied the country, this country is not free and the electoral process is directly controlled by the barbaric invaders. The elections are brought about with their demand, dollars and dictation. How, then, can they be acceptable to the Afghan public and under which law? Do the representatives whom have been selected as a result of elections that were filled with deception and disorganization have the authority to take decisions regarding the country?

Western media itself is making various kinds of comments on the legal status of these elections. Are elections really conducted like this? Can such fake elections prove helpful in solving the Afghan problem? The reality is, such a fake and deceptive process is futile can never solve the difficulties of the Afghan public and nor the Afghan conflict. These illegal and sham elections shall only become a means of further complicating the Afghan problem as opposed to solving it.

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