September 21, 2019

The Public Respected Islamic Emirate’s Request

The Public Respected Islamic Emirate’s Request

The fake and rather amusing parliamentary elections of the Kabul administration took place some days ago. All praises are due to Allah that the majority of the honourable Afghan public rejected the worthless elections and boycotted them, thereby respecting the request of the Islamic Emirate. The Afghan public are aware that the worn-out administration of Kabul and occupying powers have conducted fierce propaganda regarding the supposed taking place of transparent and free parliamentary elections since the past year claiming that all the Afghan public will take part in the election, preparations for transparent elections have been made by means of the biometric system and new members shall be selected according to public opinion.

The entire nation and world witnessed how transparent the elections of the administration which was established at the demand of John Kerry were and how many people participated in them. Apart from some cities and small areas wherein electoral centres were established with tight security arrangements and a few government officials made use of the worthless vote, or those to whom bribes were given in return for their vote, people across the entire country rejected the fake elections. By the Grace of Allah and efforts of the honourable Mujahideen, the anti-Islam and anti-Afghan scheme of the cunning American enemy was rendered unsuccessful.

Although the America-enslaved media tried ardently to portray the fake elections as peaceful and successful and scenes of electoral centres in a few areas of Kabul and some other large cities were flaunted around, even here the individual with whom media representatives would speak would say that dishonest and fake elections are taking place.

Meanwhile, the Mujahideen made every effort to get polling stations shut down and all important roads were closed. In the videos, messages, reports and suggestions from every district and province made evident that the Afghan Mujahid public had rejected the fake elections and respected the request of the Islamic Emirate. On election day, the Mujahideen on their part conducted more than two hundred attacks on polling stations, as a result of which many of them were shut down and tens of officials were killed and wounded.

According to political commentators, with the Islamic Emirate active in as much as seventy percent of the country the parliamentary elections were equivalent to not even having taken place. According to them, even ten percent of the Afghan people had not participated in the sham elections. Furthermore, regarding the biometric system in city areas: it was being said that one million people had their names registered. Even so, a mere one million people participated in the fake elections while 34 million did not.

Now, let the American and puppet rulers enlighten us how, and under which law, will representatives that have been selected by the opinion of one million people represent 34 million people in already dishonest elections?! Does the new parliament have the right to discard the opinion of millions?

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