September 21, 2019

When Afghan Loyalist Generals Sacrificed Themselves for General Miller

When Afghan Loyalist Generals Sacrificed Themselves for General Miller

A large gathering was held at the governor’s palace in Kandahar province where commander of invading troops, General Austin Scott Miller, governor of Kandahar Zalmi Wesa his deputy Haji Agha Lalai Dastagri, police chief commander Abdul Raziq, provincial NDS chief Abdul Momin Hassan Khail and other high-ranking officials were attendees.

During the meeting views regarding upcoming parliamentary elections along with other issues were exchanged. General Abdul Raziq also mentioned electoral process in his last talk in presence of governor of the province.

The Taliban had already placed an infiltrator Mujahid among the bodyguards of governor who was waiting outside the meeting room for General Scott Miller. After the session ended and as the Feneral was heading towards his helicopter, all the Kandahar officials were surrounding him from four sides to lead him to his helicopter safely.

The infiltrator Mujahid – Abu Dajana – was compelled to opened fire on Kandahar officials in a bid to target General Scott Miller as they were surrounding the invaders commander, killing Kandahar police chief and NDS provincial chief and leaving many others wounded.

Other enemy troops attacked the infiltrator Mujahid and the Feneral escaped unhurt, leaving behind Afghan loyalists soaked in blood that sacrificed for him and devoted a new life to American general at the price of their own.

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