September 21, 2019

Yes, American Troops Should Immediately Return to Their Homes

Yes, American Troops Should Immediately Return to Their Homes

American congressman Ruben Gallego has said: the time has come that American officials should stop their stubborn politics and strategies in Afghanistan, end ongoing war and immediately return US troops to their homeland.

According to Military Times report, the US military withdrawal must be responsible and without any further delay, says Ruben Gallego while adding that the ongoing war in Afghanistan is against our national interests. And if Trump wants to bless his troops or sympathizes with them then he should instantly withdraw them since the American public is no more prepared to receive corpses and coffins of their troops from Afghanistan.

Such impressions are not of a single American senator, indeed every American politician and official currently holds similar grievances that Afghanistan’s war is unsuccessful and unproductive with zero chances of any achievement.

Since October 2001 till now, 3 American presidents – Bush, Obama and Trump – have used a series of brutalities and tactics and spent more than 2 trillion dollars to win the war in Afghanistan, however, all of them failed to succeed in their spiteful expectations.

The Islamic Emirate with help of Allah Almighty has been single-handedly fought a historical battle against America and her 49 allied countries for the past 17 years while keeping over 70 percent of Afghanistan under its control and protecting its political and international status in a logical and rational manner despite many sieges and blockades as well as eradicating dangerous threat of Daesh mischief very skillfully. More importantly, the prudent leadership of Islamic Emirate has uncovered and precisely defused dangerous plots of enemies of Islam aimed at creating schism in the ranks of Islamic Emirate in a timely fashion.

Seeing all the above achievements, the Islamic Emirate has established itself as a power against which the arrogant officials of White House and Pentagon have lost the will of confrontation and are exhausted of their nefarious stance.

Therefore, famous US diplomats and representatives have recently contacted officials of Islamic Emirate’s Political Office for negotiation, confessing that the current crisis of Afghanistan has no military solution.

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