September 19, 2019

Parliamentary elections or deceptive scheme of invaders?

Parliamentary elections or deceptive scheme of invaders?

A deceptive show of parliamentary elections is being carried out by the command and with the support of the invaders and Kabul administration. Nominated candidates are presenting false hopes before the public. The unfortunate thing is that there is no policy regarding the presence of invaders written on the poster or manifesto of any candidate.

Furthermore, all this is being conducted in such circumstances wherein both the country’s land and skies are under control of the invaders. The Kabul administration is not even acquainted with how many airplanes have, at any given time, entered the country’s boundaries and how many have left, or how many weapons have been bought into the country and in which provinces they have been transferred. In these circumstances, is there any legal or religiously legitimate status of such fake elections? The answer to the above-stated question is rather clear; under no law of the world is there a justification for them.

The Islamic Emirate has announced a boycott of these fake elections. It has also appealed to the nation that they keep away from this American scheme and the candidates not be permitted to conduct election campaigns. Just as carrying out jihad against and confronting the enemy’s military attack is a religious obligation, likewise it is an obligation and important jihadi act to confront every kind of political and intelligence scheme of the enemy, to foil them and make the Muslim nation aware of the enemy’s plots. In this regard, the Islamic Emirate has released a statement according to which we once again point out that under the title of so-called elections the electoral pretence has no Islamic or Afghan importance. It is merely a scheme created by the imperialistic powers to extend their illegitimate occupation and mislead public opinion. Of course, the final results of these fake elections are in their hands too therefore, on this basis it is the responsibility of every Muslim and Afghan that they try as much as they are able to make the plots of the occupying powers fail so that the aggressors are rendered disappointed and become helpless upon leaving our country.

The parliamentary elections are indeed a scheme of the invaders. Through these empty deceptions and plots they seek to divert the public’s attention from their oppression and illegal presence in Afghanistan, they try to continue exploiting our country by means of the elections and other schemes and are occupied in forming such cheap schemes in order to maintain hold over our country. Therefore, the public ought to keep away from this plot of the invaders.

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