September 21, 2019

Rational Policy of Islamic Emirate

Rational Policy of Islamic Emirate

On the previous Friday, a meeting took place between the officials of the Islamic Emirate’s Political Office and America’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad. The head of the Political Office, Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai, led the negotiation team consisting of six members of the Political Office. In this meeting it was agreed upon that negotiations shall continue in the future to find a political solution for the Afghan conflict. The Islamic Emirate’s delegation made clear unto the opposing party that the fundamental cause of the ongoing war and crisis in Afghanistan is foreign military presence. An increase in disorder and anarchy has taken place in Afghanistan due to the occupying army therefore, peace cannot be established until American soldiers exit completely from our country.

The Islamic Emirate has made clear many a time that the resistance shall remain ongoing until the occupying army completely exits Afghanistan, for it is the fundamental right of every nation that they obtain freedom, that they themselves are able to determine their own future and establish a system on the basis of their own religious values and national interests.

The Islamic Emirate has not attacked any country, nation or government. There is expectation from others that they too abstain from targeting our country for the fulfillment of their reprehensible objectives, that they take into consideration the human and international rights of our nation and give rise to mutual relations and political and commercial dealing based firmly on respect. The Islamic Emirate is exerting itself on every front for national sovereignty and an Islamic system. As well as armed jihad, it also believes in political struggle. The officials of the Islamic Emirate’s political office told the American special envoy that instead of war and violence, they solve this issue by way of negotiations and agreement but it is indeed unfortunate for America that in place of a peaceful solution it prioritizes war and violence.

We once again wish to highlight to the invaders that they ought to exit our country immediately, avoid war, cease this series of oppression and cruelty on the Afghan public and abstain from demolishing their homes. We did not attack America nor Europe. Why, then, is an illegitimate occupation being upheld in our country?

America must learn a lesson from its prolonged war of the past seventeen years. It ought to accept the legitimate demands of the Islamic Emirate and refrain from continuing its stubbornness and political imprudence otherwise its casualties will continue to soar, it shall receive a heavy economic blow and, in the same manner as her imperialistic predecessors, will ultimately flee our country.

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