September 21, 2019

An Image of Enemy Defeat

An Image of Enemy Defeat

As part of the AlKhandaq Operations, following the capture of military bases, checkposts, districts and large areas, the Mujahideen have recovered a great amount of weaponry and ammunition from various areas. The enemy is faced with severe casualties as well as of financial loss. The Mujahideen have seized many resources while oppressed civilians have obtained relief from the evil and tyranny of the Kabul administration. According to recent reports, the Islamic Emirate’s valiant Mujahideen have captured Khoshamand district of Paktika province, the police headquarters and all its defence checkposts as part of a successful operation. As a result of the aforementioned operation, ten officials were killed — among them the provincial police chief — and many resources and ammunition were obtained as war booty.

In the Marjah district of Helmand, the Mujahideen inflicted heavy casualties and financial losses upon the enemy during a successful operation. In Farah province’s Khaki Safed, Pusht Rod and Bala Blok districts the Mujahideen conducted daring attacks on the occupying and Afghan army as a result of which five American soldiers and twenty commandos were killed. Recently, the enemy increased its series of oppression and cruelty; multiple madrassas, schools, clinics and marketplaces are being demolished, civilians are taken into custody under various excuses after which they are then martyred. The Mujahideen, therefore, are determined to safeguard the public and are conducting deadly attacks on both the occupying and mercenary armies in order to make thwart enemy plots and to avenge the oppressed civilians.

The Mujahideen are fully determined to expand their attacks. They are currently engaged in conducting victorious operations to liberate the areas under occupation of the enemy and to grant the oppressed public relief from the tyranny of the occupying and mercenary forces. Included in the aims of the Islamic Emirate are: the establishment of peace, actualizing security, providing employment opportunities for the public and to make religious and modern educational institutes active.

The enemy has let out ear-piercing screeches due to recent operations of the Mujahideen; the liberation of Khwaja Omari district is but an example of this. The occupying and puppet enemy have made every possible attempt at consoling the mercenary army but given their overwhelming fear of the Mujahideen’s attacks, they consider their safety to lie in simply fleeing. The Mujahideen, on the other hand, conduct daily attacks on multiple military bases and checkpoints of the enemy, rendering it utterly exhausted from the continuous funerals with which it is confronted.

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