September 21, 2019

The Invaders’ Religious Pressure on Mujahideen

The Invaders’ Religious Pressure on Mujahideen

The media has published news regarding the Kabul administration that Afghan and Pakistani scholars will conduct a joint meeting concerning the ongoing war in Afghanistan. According to the media, an exchange of views will also take place about the Islamically sanctioned status of the ongoing war. Organized gatherings and conferences regarding the ongoing war using the name of the scholars is not a demand of the war-torn country’s public and nor is it of the Kabul administration. Rather, the taking place of such gatherings is the scheme of the invaders. With the help of bribes and propaganda they have kept this series ongoing. Formerly appointed American general in Afghanistan, Nicholson, had said with much pride that alongside increasing military and political pressure on the Taliban, religious pressure shall also be brought forth. With very clear words, while signalling toward the Indonesia conference, he said that this is an example of religious pressure on the Mujahideen.

After the Indonesia conference, meetings of scholars were held in Saudi Arabia and Kabul too in accordance with Gen. Nicholson’s desire and request. In these meetings held under the name of the scholars, exchange of views between the scholars on the situation of the war did not occur and nor were the participants of the meeting given an opportunity for debate this subject from a scholarly perspective. In the Kabul meeting, an article was shared from the Peace Council among the participants. That article was not written by scholars and nor was anything regarding the reasons of the ongoing war written therein. Even the mere signalling toward the oppressive deceptions of the occupying army was not present in it. The participants of the meeting did not even receive time to read the article attentively during the meeting and present their viewpoint regarding it. The media published news according to the declaration of the Presidential Palace that 2500 religious scholars in Kabul issued a fatwa (religious edict) against this war.

In view of Islamic principles, international laws and human and social rights, the presence of invaders in Afghanistan is illegal and illegitimate. Kabul’s puppet government is not legally authorized to grant permission to the oppressive military occupation. The occupying powers militarily, politically, financially and morally support the imposed puppet government to continue illegitimate occupation over the country. Without the support of the invaders, the survival of Kabul’s puppet government is not possible. These are those realities which even the invaders and Kabul administration make admission of.

In the held meeting under the name of the scholars, mere signalling toward the fundamental reason of the ongoing war in Afghanistan (tyrannical occupation of the aggressors) was not made. The Afghan public’s sacred jihad against this oppressive and illegitimate occupation has been declared illegitimate. The Afghan public’s sacred jihad began upon the fatwa of the truthful scholars. It will remain ongoing until state sovereignty and the implementation of an Islamic system. Its Islamically legal status will not be affected by the fatwas of the government scholars (Gen. Nicholson’s religious pressure) nor shall any difference be made to its success.

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