November 22, 2019

An exclusive interview with the governor of Laghaman province

An exclusive interview with the governor of Laghaman province

A special interview was conducted recently with the honorable governor of Laghman province appointed by the Islamic Emirate. Since this interview was quite interesting and contained useful information especially about ‘Daish’ (i.e. ISIS); therefore in the following lines, it has been translated into English, so that our esteemed world readers could realize and then analyze by themselves the ongoing malicious conspiracies of the foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries against the broader national interests of our noble people besides sabotaging the stability of the regional countries.

Question: The honorable governor of Laghman province, in the beginning, if you could throw some light on the general security and Jihadi situation of this province by telling us about the areas under the control of the Islamic Emirate and those controlled by the stooge admin?

Answer: By the grace of Almighty Allah, nearly eighty percent territory of Laghman province is under the control of the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. Only some roads and the central buildings of districts are controlled by the mercenary forces of puppet regime. But they are safe neither on the main roads nor inside the central buildings of the districts controlled by them, as they are under the incessant and decisive attacks of our courageous Mujahidin.

In short, we can say that by the grace of Almighty Allah, the morale of our Mujahidin is very high, and on the contrary, the enemy forces are losing their morale day by day. They cannot leave their military tanks and other military equipment outside the provincial center, lest they should be seized by Mujahidin.

Question: We have received sporadic reports that the foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries commit all kind of brutalities during their raids and military operations by killing civilians, looting their assets and destroying their dwellings. Are these reports true, and if so, what is the objective of the enemy behind these brutalities?

Answer: Definitely, civilian residential areas are brought under brutal raids and indiscriminate bombing by the savage foreign occupying forces and their internal mercenaries, especially those houses are set ablaze and brutally demolished which are merely suspected for having provided accommodation to Mujahidin.

Particularly in Alingar district, they have committed severe brutalities by ruthlessly torturing the innocent civilian people and inflicting great losses on them. It is the old habit of the foreign invaders that when defeated and humiliated in the battlefields, they take their revenge from the ordinary innocent countrymen by committing such brutalities, so that the local people are compelled to abandon supporting Mujahidin. But, In-sha Allah (God willing) these malicious ambitions of the foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenaries will not be fulfilled, as the Afghan masses are pious and brave people, therefore instead of abandoning their support for Mujahidin due to these kinds of brutal tactics, they would increase it by standing even firmly with Mujahidin against the enemy on all fronts. These brutalities are the sign of a final and humiliating defeat and their eventual retreat from our beloved homeland.

Question: Mr. Governor, have you received some evidences or precise information proving that either Americans or the stooge admin is involved in supporting, financing and promoting Daish (ISIS) inside Afghanistan?

Answer: Definitely, I would like to say that as soon as we launched our operations against Daish in Laghman province, the American drones and B-52 planes reached there to bomb us and divide our attention. Two drone strikes were carried out against us, in which four of our Mujahidin were martyred. All the local people saw with their own eyes that Americans came for their assistance.

When we captured ‘Kanda Gul’ area, we found some documents inside the house of ‘Fairoze’, a local head of Dasih, having cards with American flag printed on them. These cards contained names of Daish members, their complete addresses and photographs. We found one card among them bearing the name of someone called ‘Wakeel’ along with his picture. There was another paper attached to it addressing all officials of the so called stooge defense ministry of the puppet regime. The paper said that this person is authorized to keep one American pistol and some necessary weapons for his security, therefore he should be cooperated in case of need.

Daish gunmen were pushed back from Laghman province to the adjacent Kunar province. When Degal valley of ‘Chappa Dara’ district in Kunar province was captured by Mujahidin, a box was found inside the house of Qari Ubaid, an active member of Daish. In that box, some photos were found, in which the brother of Qari Ubaid was sitting alongside Hanif Atmar. Likewise various other documents were found proving the explicit connection of Daish (ISIS) with foreign invaders and their internal stooges.

Similarly, whenever ‘Kanda Gul’ area was bombed by American forces, Daish militiamen used to have informed about the operations beforehand so that they could move themselves to safer places. Though the foreign invaders used to announce later that such number of Daish were killed in bombing, however all such claims were false and fabricated for the sake of deceiving the public masses. All those air attacks which were carried out under the disguise of killing Daish killed none of them. Rather it was a part of their malicious conspiracy.

Question: How much helpful were the people of Laghman province in crushing Dasih?

Answer: The pious masses of Laghman province extended their full co-operations to Mujahidin in crushing this evil phenomenon. As a matter of fact, it was the Ulama, chieftains and public of this province who strongly supported us. We are sure that in the future too, they will not hesitate from standing side by side with us against this trouble. We call upon the Ulama (scholars) to explain and expose the real dangers and consequences dormant in this conspiracy of the foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries for achieving their malicious objectives. Not only in Laghman province, but the felonies committed by Daish members throughout the country, should be exposed to all Afghan masses for keeping them aware and vigilant about the real face of this mischievous and evil phenomenon.

In Laghman province, we brought together the scholars and other tribal chieftains. We thoroughly informed them about the reality of Daish and convinced them by showing them all verified proofs. In this way we secured their full and unconditional support and succeeded in the complete expulsion of Daish from Laghman province.

Question: What is your message for the people and particularly the Ulama of Laghman province for the prevention of this vicious trouble from taking roots in the area again?

Answer: This is an evil turmoil which is not only dangerous for the brave and freedom loving people of Afghanistan, but also for the peace loving masses of the world. In our country, nothing was safe from this danger. The lives, honor and assets of our innocent civilians were at stake. The people saw with their own eyes in ‘Shinwar’ and ‘Kanda Gul’ areas that everything was violated and humiliated by them.

We once again assure the honorable leadership of the Islamic Emirate, the tribal chieftains of this province, the public and all our heroic Mujahidin that the evil phenomenon of Daish will not hold ground in Laghaman province in the long future. We pray to Almighty Allah for their eradication from all over the country as soon as possible.

Question: In the end, if you could explain the public works of various organs of the Islamic Emirate, i.e. the renovation of small bridges, streams, canals, educational institutions and other works of public welfare?

Answer: All the renovation and reconstruction activities launched under the supervision of the Islamic Emirate commission for non-governmental organizations are going according to the rules and regulations of this commission. We have provided all kind of security measures to protect and defend them. Since all the above mentioned works are vital for the welfare of our pious people, therefore, we are quite cautious about their security. All the reconstruction and rehabilitation activities are going smoothly in this area, and our Mujahidin fully support them. We supervise and protect all those works that are sanctioned by the relevant commission of the Islamic Emirate in the areas under our jurisdiction. In the future too, we will extend our support and cooperation to all such activities of public welfare and interests.

In-sha Allah! (God willing)!!

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