September 21, 2019

F-35B Cannot Break Our Determination

F-35B Cannot Break Our Determination

According to western media, one of the most advanced US fighter jets has carried out strikes in Afghanistan. American officials have reveled bombardment of F-35B jet airplane in its first ever use on a Taliban base in southern Kandahar province last week.

The use of new weapons and aircraft in Afghanistan shows that America still emphasizes on war and prefers military solution over peace process. Unfortunately, America has yet to learn any lesson from the longest war in its history. They are still dreaming about their existence in graveyard of empires and are planning for continuing its unlawful presence.

The United States should learn more from its experience of her long-term illegitimate presence in Afghanistan. What type of weapon and plot did she not use in order to eliminate or even curtails the Jihadi resistance under the leadership of Islamic Emirate? The answer is very clear, they did whatsoever they could. From military savagery and political bullying to religious and social pressure, they did whatever they could, yet the consequences have been rather adverse.

70% of the country’s territory is under the control of Mujahideen where model security is insured, Shariah is enforced, judiciary is active, educational institution are providing services, trade is enhancing, institutional and moral corruption cannot be imagined and the public is even more happy regarding life as compared to the enemy-controlled areas.

We want to make it very clear to the invaders that your brutality, cruelty and use of new weapons and airplanes, particularly the use to F-35B cannot break our determination. Afghans are not tired of their struggle for protection of their values and independence. The Islamic Emirate believes in Allah Almighty’s victory and is proud of support of its Mujahid nation. We are committed of continuing the ongoing sacred and legitimate struggle till the expelling of last invader from Afghanistan and enforcement of Islamic system, the desire of millions of martyrs.

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