July 02, 2020

Kabul administration and latest casualty figures

Kabul administration and latest casualty figures

Kabul administration has alleged that the past week was the most bloodiest week in previous 19 years and that the Taliban had killed hundreds of security forces in numerous attacks.

The reality is that Mujahedeen have not conducted as many attacks on the security guards of New York and Washington as the Kabul so-called security council claims. Rather in the previous week, the regime soldiers suffered most of their casualties in offensive operations conducted by them. For instance in the Aqcha district of Jowzjan province, the Kabul administration army accompanied by 150 armored vehicles carried out an offensive operation against the Mujahedeen but fled the area after sustaining heavy financial and human losses due to heavy resistance. Similarly, in the Greshk district of Helmand province and the Tagab district of Kapisa province, tens of commandos and other forces were killed in the offensive operations initiated by the enemy before the rest were pushed back. The figures published by the Kabul administration have neither been reported by any news outlet nor have so many attacks been conducted by the Mujahideen. So the question arises, what does the Kabul administration seek by publishing such claims?

By showing the graph of violence high, the Kabul administration wants to slow down the prisoner release process and consequently, to halt intra-Afghan negotiations. The more the intra-Afghan negotiations process is delayed, the more the peace process is harmed and the war drags on.

It is an undeniable fact that Ghani-led administration does not want peace and seeks the continuation of war under various excuses to quench their thirst for power in the heat of battle. The Kabul administration has always pounced at every opportunity to escalate the war – from announcing and launching offensive operations against the Mujahedeen of Islamic Emirate to bombing and attacking mosques, schools, clinics and residential areas, assassinating religious scholars and peace activists, carrying out blasts in mosques and funerals and amplifying the propaganda war.

Prior to signing the termination of occupation agreement, the Kabul administration would reject all news and statistics about attacks by the Islamic Emirate but now as the Islamic Emirate has reduced its operations in accordance to the agreement signed with United States to which our compatriots are witnesses, the Kabul regime has practically escalated the war, has begun using harsh and nasty language against Islamic Emirate and has increased media-efforts aimed at sabotaging peace.

The Islamic Emirate is committed to establishing a sovereign and Islamic government in our beloved homeland. We are prepared for every kind of sacrifice and efforts to achieve these great goals, are committed to finding a peaceful resolution to this war and have a principled and moderate approach towards both peace and war. We also ask our opposition to desist from treachery, hesitance and lethargy and to act up on its promises.

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