July 02, 2020

America should avoid further personal and financial ruin!

America should avoid further personal and financial ruin!

A few days ago the American President Donald Trump remarked during a graduation ceremony of soldiers from an American Military Academy: “You will no longer fight in endless wars. You will no longer fight in countries whose names are unknown to most Americans. You will no longer participate in the wars of ancient countries.”

It is obvious that by these wars, Trump was referring to the long war in Afghanistan in which America has been engaged for the past two decades – a war in which it has endured great human and financial losses and high-ranking American officials have repeatedly admitted that it is unwinnable.

Trump has rightly said that his soldiers will no longer take part in the wars of ancient countries because Afghanistan’s endless war has not only damaged America’s international standing but has also compounded its financial problems. A recent opinion polls showed that American support for this losing war has plummeted to a new low as the people have begun to understand that American officials had made false promises to them about the war.

Twenty years ago from now, the deceased commander of the believers Mullah Mohammad Umar Mujahid (RA), the founder of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, warned Americans to abandon the intention of occupying Afghanistan because no invader has succeeded in this land therefore they should not try their luck on this soil otherwise they will get entangled in  a war from which they will be unable to extract themselves.

The prediction of deceased Mullah Sahib turned out true and America got entangled in an endless war. Trump should act upon his promises, withdraw his troops from Afghanistan as quickly as possible and leave the Afghans to decide their own future.

The agreement signed between Islamic Emirate and the US during February 2020 in Doha is the best and the shortest way out for America from the current complex Afghan quagmire. The full implementation of the agreement is beneficial for both the Afghan and American people. The Afghan nation will regain its freedom and sovereignty and will build a strong Islamic government while the American people will be spared further financial and personal losses and further ruin of their already lost international standing.

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