September 19, 2019

Why the Enemy is Massacring Civilians?!

Why the Enemy is Massacring Civilians?!

Invaders and their domestic mercenaries have martyred more than 100 innocent civilians including women, children and elders as well as wounded hundreds of others during last month in their raids across the country.

Among this savagery is bombardment of a wedding ceremony in Kapisa province and a night raid in Jaghatu district of Maidan Wardak province where a total of 32 innocent villagers were soaked in their blood.

American invaders and their puppets have carried out night raids and indiscriminate bombardment in daytime in Nangarhar, Laghman, Paktia, Uruzgan, Maidan Wardak, Zabul, Farah and other areas of the country. Though the details of these crimes cannot be found on media channels of the occupiers, but independent outlets have recorded these barbarities, the pictures and videos of which are still available online. In all these cases 99% of the victims are innocent civilians who were targeted intentionally while the number of Mujahideen casualties were close to zero.

There could be a few reasons why the knavish enemy has been committing indiscriminate and unpardonable crimes against humanity. The most prominent among them is that the invaders and their mercenaries have been facing continuous defeats, countless casualties, internal disputes and ultimate victories of Mujahideen have turned the enemy to a ferocious animal who lacerates everyone on its way without even considering the target.

The invading forces have now come to the conclusion of viewing ordinary civilians as its enemy. They consider everyone as Mujahid and Talib therefore they are unilaterally targeting civilians because they are unable to face Mujahideen in battlefield so they putting pressure on the nation by perpetrating such crimes.

The puppet Kabul regime’s defense minister Bahrami himself admitted the killing of 500 ANA personnel and wounding of 700 others during last month. Casualties of ANP, Arbakis and other ranks and those who fled from enemy ranks are in thousands. This proves that invaders and stooges are well aware of the decline of their combat personnel.

International coalition partners who do not wish to send their troops into battleground against Mujahdieen have left America alone on the ground.

Therefore, American invaders and the Kabul puppet regime have turned to brutalities; they are perpetrating crimes against defenseless countrymen and violating all types of human rights. Bombardment of civilian compounds, madrasas,  mosques and killing of innocent civilians is now their hobby. This cruelty of combined enemy shows that they have fully failed in curbing Mujahideen advances. Now they want to take revenge for their defeat through brutality against helpless civilians and that is an unforgivable crime against humanity.

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