September 21, 2019

The Enemy’s Defeat

The Enemy’s Defeat

In the series of the Al Khandaq Operation, the invaders and puppet army are confronted with retreat as a result of the deadly attacks of the Islamic Emirate’s courageous Mujahideen. The enemy is victim to severe confusion. It is a routine of the enemy that it relies on propaganda to hide its lack of success on the battlefield. The enemy attains no benefit by doing this act. News of the Mujahideen’s successes are published everyday. The important news of today is that the Mujahideen liberated Ghazni province’s Ab Band district center, the police headquarters, all surrounding defence checkpoints and recovered a great amount of weaponry and ammunition.

Next to Uruzgan provinicial capital, Tarinkot, in the Nawa area the enemy has received a heavy shock. In the Dali area of Balkh province’s Shor Tapa district the enemy is confronted with defeat too. The Mujahideen have attained weapons and ammunition as war spoils from there. The Mujahideen attacked the enemy in Shago Godar area of Kandahar’s Arghistan district. As a result, commander Abdul Qaadir and many of his gunmen were killed and wounded. Apart from this, the Mujahideen obtained two APCs, a mortar, RPG, rifle and a heavy sizable amount of ammunition.

In Khorzani Band area of Zabul province’s Shahr e Safa district, two enemy APCs and three military vehicles were destroyed in a Mujahideen attack and the gunmen aboard were killed and wounded. In Afghan Mazar area of Kunduz’s Qala e Zal district, the enemy suffered heavy loss of life and material in a Mujahideen attack. After liberating Kham Aab district in Jowzjan province, the Mujahideen have begun an operation in Qarqin district against the enemy on a large scale, as a result of which three check posts, sixteen villages and one port have come under control of the Islamic Emirate. Furthermore another APC of the enemy forces, a military vehicle and various types of weapons have also been obtained as spoils.

The areas in which the authority of the Emirate has been established, the people breath with relief; peace is established, justice is triumphant, the chapter of crimes like theft, administrative and moral disorder, prejudice, narrow-mindedness, racism and nepotism is ended. The people conduct business in a peaceful atmosphere and pray that ‘O Allah, establish such an atmosphere in the entire country, eradicate lawlessness and implement the system of Sharia’. The Islamic Emirate has authority over seventy percent of Afghanistan and this is being increased with each passing day. The enemy ought to abstain from further resistance and give over the remaining areas to the Mujahideen too. The Mujahideen will implement an Islamic system in accordance with public ambitions. In this itself is the pleasure of Allah the Most High and a means of tranquility and prosperity for His creation.

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