May 31, 2020

17 civilians martyred, 17 injured; 5 houses razed 

17 civilians martyred, 17 injured; 5 houses razed 

PARWAN, May 19 –  The Kabul regime’s savages spy network assaulted a Masjid (mosque) within Taleem-ul-Quran Madrassa (Institute of Islamic Education) in the capital of northern Parwan province this evening.

The outrageous attack by the enemy came while the villagers, gathered to celebrate the completion of the Holy Quran, were performing Salat ul Maghrib (evening prayer).

Eight civilians were brutally martyred in the heinous crime and 10 more sustained wounds most of whom are said to be in critical conditions.

Upon returning, the enemy shot and martyred another civilian in cold blood.

Sadly, 6 innocent civilians including children and women were martyred and several more were wounded in the enemy aggression in Kunduz city, the capital of the province with the same name.

In a report from northern Balkh province, 3 brothers, Taza Gul, Taza Khan and Azad Khan were severely injured and their houses got flattened in the U.S invaders’ airstrikes in Chamtal district of northern Balkh province.

In Balkh province’s Khas Balkh province, 4 houses were razed to the ground and 1 civilian was injured when the enemy pounded the residential area with artillery rounds last night.

According to a report from eastern Laghman province, 1 child was martyred and 3 woman including a child sustained life-threatening injuries when the enemy pounded the village with mortar rounds one of which slammed a house a civilian in Alishang district of Laghman province.

Later, the elders in the village gathered to stop the soldiers from firing mortars at the village, but the enemy’s savage soldiers resorted to insulting, coercing and beating them up and while driving the elders out of the area in much disgrace instead of paying head to what they say.


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