November 15, 2019

An inclusive interview with Haji Mohammad Yousuf, the Jihadi in-charge of Ghazni province

An inclusive interview with Haji Mohammad Yousuf, the Jihadi in-charge of Ghazni province

Recently, huge victorious operations were carried out in the series of ‘Al-Khandaq’ Jihadi operations in Ghazni province which was equally stunning for both friends and foes. In the following lines, a detailed interview has been conducted with Haji Mohammad Yousuf, the appointed governor of the Islamic Emirate and Jihadi in-charge for Ghazni province, for satisfying the curiosity of our esteemed readers about the more recent developments in the area.

Question: After congratulating you on the tremendous victory in Ghazni province, we would like to ask in the beginning about the main factors of Mujahidin’s victory in these operations?

Answer:              بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم نحمده و نصلی علی رسوله الکریم

In the name of Almighty Allah, the most merciful and gracious.

First I would like to thank you for arranging this interview and providing me a chance to inform the masses about the recent victorious operations in Ghazni province. In reply to your question, I would like to say that there were four main factors for behind Mujahidin’s success:

  • Support of Almighty Allah:

There is no doubt that without Almighty Allah’s support one cannot achieve any significant success, and when His support is combined, nothing remains impossible. Therefore, we can say that the most important factor of Mujahidin’s success in Ghani province was the tremendous support of Almighty Allah.

  • Well-considered planning of the leadership:

The second main factor behind these successful operations was the carefully planned military strategy of our vigilant leadership. The whole strategy was pre-planned and well-considered and all group commanders were briefed and informed prior to the operations, as they were strictly ordered to obey the chain of command and obey their leaders. Since everything went according to the planning, therefore, by the grace of Almighty Allah, we achieved this tremendous victory.

  • Demand and support of public masses:

The third significant factor behind this victory was the demand and vast support of the pious masses of this province for Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. The common and noble people of this province were completely fed-up with the mischievous and agonizing behavior of the mercenary armed forces, policemen and the unrestrained Arbaki militiamen. Since the honor, life and property of the common people were always at stake by the above mentioned forces, therefore, they were living a deeply miserable life, and were constantly demanding our Mujahidin to intervene and relieve their sufferings by emancipating them from the mercenary forces of the puppet regime. They had already vowed to extend all kind of possible physical and financial support to Mujahidin, and they proved it in action. Therefore, our courageous Mujahidin could easily enter and capture the center of the city with quite insignificant losses and casualties.

  • Weakness, confusion and lack of coordination of enemy forces:

The fourth important factor was the weakness and lack of coordination between the enemy forces which resulted in their confusion and eventual humiliating defeat of the whole stooge setup. The wicked enemy forces were kept under deep pressure by Mujahidin round the clock, and when they were attacked, they could not pose any significant threat or resistance. Secondly, since all organs of the stooge setup were full of corrupt people, therefore, there was no coordination and sincerity among them which resulted in the easy fall of Ghani province in Mujahidin’s hands.


Question: The conquest of Ghazni province was one of the most significant achievements of ‘Al-Khandaq’ Jihadi operations in the current year which was a crushing blow for the enemy. If you could give some details of these operations for our esteemed readers?

Answer: By the grace of Almighty Allah, the operations for the conquest of Ghazni province were executed exactly according to the planned strategy. Mujahidin were divided into five main groups, and the city was attacked from five different directions. Before the attacked was launched, a considerable number of Mujahidin were already infiltrated and were stationed inside multiple key places of the city. As you know, in the beginning of the crushing blows, several strategic points of the city came under the attacks of courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate; and the enemy had to take to their heels by suffering significant losses and casualties. It boosted the morale of our Mujahidin, as they proceeded in all main roads, squares and security zones of city with great zeal and fervor. Every commander of Mujahidin was responsible for entering and controlling his own direction and the subsequently captured area, as they proceeded according to the plan.

P.R.T, the quick reaction force, special forces, police posts and the base of mercenary forces from Kabul were conquered, by the grace of Almighty Allah, one by one. Mujahidin built their posts in all the key points captured by them by showing tough resistance against the enemy, therefore, most of the strategic places in Ghazni city remained under Mujahidin’s control for full five days and nights, while the white flag of the Islamic Emirate was fluttered over it undisturbed.

When the savage foreign occupying forces started bombing the city indiscriminately by targeting and destroying the lives and properties of the innocent civilian people, on the sixth day Mujahidin decided to evacuate the city to save the common people from further losses and casualties. In these operations, heavy financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the mercenary forces of the puppet regime. Nearly four hundred of their forces were killed, two hundred were injured while many more were arrested. A huge amount of light and heavy weapons and ammunition, military tanks, ranger type vehicles and various other kinds of military equipment were seized by the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

Even now, Ghazni city is completely besieged by our Mujahidin, and the enemy is neither secure inside the city nor outside. This is not a mere claim, the public masses of Ghazni province are well-aware of the prevailing circumstances in the city and the harassment of the mercenary forces of the puppet regime.


Question: During the conquest of Ghazni province, how did the common people help Mujahidin, and what are the reasons behind their cooperation with Mujahidin?

Answer: As I mentioned before, it was one of the four most important factors behind the conquest of Ghazni city by Mujahidin. The oppressed masses of this city were fed up with the cruel behavior of the stooge authorities and their mercenary forces. The whole system was full of corruption and bribery. They were looking forward to Mujahidin to enter the city and emancipate them from the agonies of the puppet regime officials. They had promised extending their full support, therefore, when Mujahidin entered the city, they were warmly welcomed by the people. The people helped them both physically and financially by providing food and shifting the injured Mujahidin to the places where they could get proper treatment. In some points, they even participated in the fighting.

With the progress of Mujahidin, people were asked by loudspeakers by their own community leaders to come forward with all possible support and assistance. I would like to reiterate that the noble people of Ghazni province played a very vital role in the conquest and liberation of this historic city by Mujahidin, and we thank them from the depths of our hearts by praying for their well-being and prosperity to Almighty Allah.


Question: The stooge admin in Kabul and some other media outlets connected Mujahidin’s conquest of Ghazni province with some regional and neighboring intelligence agencies. How would you evaluate this accusation?

Answer: By the grace of Almighty Allah, no one from the regional or neighboring countries agencies were involved in the conquest of Ghazni province. All these rumors are the mere propaganda of the humiliated and defeated stooge enemy. They are left with nothing else to conceal their humiliation and embarrassment. It is a regret that some media resources have forgotten their actual role by losing their impartiality, and being used by the enemy for their malicious objectives by spreading all kind of unverified gossips to deceive the masses.

All the strategic points of the city were controlled by our heroic Mujahidin. All operations were planned and executed by our own Jihadi leaders and commanders. And no one else from outside was involved in these operations. It is completely false and I strongly reject all these rumors.

The pious people of Ghazni province saw those Mujahidin who were fighting there. They witnessed that all Mujahidin were the people of this very country, and foreigners were not involved at all, neither from the near neighbors, nor from the far ones. It is the last efforts of the defeated enemy who try to assign our glorious achievements to the foreign agencies.

Thanks to Almighty Allah that we are independent and have no connection with any side. By the grace of Allah Almighty, we are self-sufficient in every kind of military equipment, having no need for foreign assistance. In all battles, especially in the conquest of Ghazni province, more than enough weapons and ammunition were seized by our Mujahidin. As far as man power is concerned, we are surplus in this regard. It is only the false and negative propaganda of the enemy who accredit someone else for our own victories and achievements.


Question: While conquering Ghazni province, some civilian shops were set on fire, while other places of public use were damaged or destroyed. It is claimed that Taliban were responsible for this phenomena. How can you evaluate it?

Answer: Prior to the beginning of our operations, three main instructions were given by our elders to all Mujahidin who were going to participate in this battle.

  • Every effort should be made to minimize the losses and casualties of Mujahidin
  • Lives and properties of civilian people and places of public interest must be safeguarded at any price.
  • All military equipment seized by Mujahidin should be handed over to the central command with full sincerity and honesty.

Fortunately, we were successful in fully maintaining all the above rules and directions. During the operations, it was repeatedly reminded and announced for Mujahidin to protect civilian lives and other places of common interest. Till the last moment, when I was there in Ghazni province, the above principles were strictly followed by all Mujahidin.

On the contrary, when the wicked enemy was defeated in the battle field, they turned their guns and artillery towards the common people and their properties. Civilian shops and other places of public interests were indiscriminately targeted and bombed by the enemy forces which resulted in civilian casualties and their financial losses.

We had appointed a special group to look after and safeguard market places, civilian shops and other places of public interest. How can we think of damaging the properties of those people who were fully supporting us throughout this process!!?

Not to speak about the civilian shops, we did not allow our Mujahidin even to loot the central bank which was the backbone of the whole economy of the city. It is only the baseless propaganda of the enemy that Taliban had attacked the city for looting and plundering. By the grace of Almighty Allah, all our Mujahidin were quite careful and vigilant about the above guidelines and none was found involved in any case of damaging or looting public properties.

Similarly, it cannot be proved by anyone that even a single shop was set on fire by the Taliban, resulting in any financial losses or civilian casualties. We trust in Allah and it is our strict belief that His support cannot be invoked by committing such felonies. It is the sheer propaganda of the enemy for concealing their war crimes and other grave violations.


Question: How do you evaluate the prevailing situation in other districts of this province beside the central city of Ghazni?

Answer: All praise be to Almighty Allah that during the ‘Al-Khandaq’ Jihadi operations, seven districts of this province were liberated and controlled by our Mujahidin over the course of current year. Deh-i-Yak, Khawaja-Umari and Khogyani districts were captured. Similarly, all suburban areas including the centers of Rashidan, Jaghatu, Nawa and Zana-Khan districts were controlled by Mujahidin.

Nearly all main roads are under Mujahidin’s control. The main Kabul-Kandahar highway is one of the best examples.

Beside Ghazni city, one hundred and four other key military posts were also conquered by our Mujahidin during the last seven months in the process of ‘Al-Khandaq’ Jihadi operations.


Question: If you could briefly tell us about the activities of other organs of the Islamic Emirate working in this province?

Answer: By the grace of Almighty Allah, all other organs of the Islamic Emirate are actively and effectively working in this province. People are very happy and fully satisfied with the procedure of our courts, as Mujahidin are fully sincere and devoted in evaluating and solving their issues in the shortest possible time. The ‘Invitation and Guidance Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate is also actively working in the area to inform the people about the prevailing ground realities and the malicious vested interests of the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries.

Representatives of the cultural commission of the Islamic Emirate are always with us in reporting live from the battle fields to keep the people informed about the day to day happenings. The educational organ is supporting the people and educational institutions in all districts of this province by providing them all possible assistance.

We are happy that almost all concerned organs of the Islamic Emirate are discharging their duties with the full sense of responsibility. They have not left any stone unturned in relieving and comforting the lives of public masses. As soon as an area is liberated and controlled by Mujahidin, nearly all the above mentioned organs launch their activities there to keep the day to day life of the civilian people uninterrupted.


Question: How do you evaluate the publication and media activities of the cultural commission of the Islamic Emirate?

Answer: Propaganda plays a crucial role in the prevailing circumstances. On one hand the enemy media is perverting the facts for deceiving the masses, and on the other hand, most of the so called independent TV channels, radio services and other media outlets are causing confusion among the people by negatively propagating against Mujahidin. In these circumstances, it is your organ which is responsible for keeping our noble masses informed about the ground realities through radio broadcasts, videos, websites and other periodical magazines. Our people need true picture of the present situation which is unfortunately not provided by the enemy media. It is your organ which can fill this gap by keeping the masses up-to-date about the day to day happenings and informing them about the ideological and cultural background of the present scenario.

‘The Voice of Sharia’ radio is efficiently working in our area, and we are especially thankful for that, as most of our people listen it with deep interest and trust.


Question: At the end, if you have any advice or message for Mujahidin and other people?

Answer: My sincere advice to our devoted Mujahidin is that they should strictly abide by the rules and regulations of Islamic Sharia by bringing uniformity in their words and deeds. They should fully obey their leaders by keeping themselves united. They should be pious, sincere and kind towards their own people. They should serve the masses with full devotion in all those fields which are assigned to them.

My message to the public masses is that they should not be deceived by the baseless propaganda of the internal stooge enemy as well as their foreign masters. The stooge setup is (if God willing) on the verge of complete collapse. They are boosting the morale of their defeated and mercenary forces only by false propaganda.

You should not hesitate in extending your support to your Mujahidin brothers in all parts of the country as you superbly did it in the recent fighting in Ghazni province. We are deeply obliged and grateful to all those noble and courageous people who participated with us shoulder to shoulder in this battle. We assure you that our devoted Mujahidin will not hesitate in sacrificing their lives to save your lives and properties from the enemy, and restoring your dignity by defeating the mercenary forces and expelling their foreign masters from our beloved homeland.

In-sha Allah (God willing)!!!


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