September 21, 2019

New generation and our collective responsibility

New generation and our collective responsibility

The meaning of a saying reported from the Prophet of Islam and the Greatest Guide of Humanity, Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is: No child is born but as a Muslim by nature. It is their parents that make him a Jew or a Christian or a Magus.

This prophetic hadith (saying) clarifies two things. First, that every human being is born as a believer (Muslim) by nature and second, that it is the parents who play a fundamental role in the upbringing and faith of the child. The conclusion arising here is that the healthy upbringing and education of the younger generation is a responsibility of the parents and elders such that if they fail in their duties, they shall be reproached for the misguidance of youth.

The healthy religious and intellectual rearing and moral education of the younger generation is always important but it is even more pressing when a Muslim community is trapped in the claws of an infidel occupation. The invaders utilize systematic plans to misguide and make the younger generation reject their own principles and values. They annually allocate millions of dollars to promote immorality and intellectual and religious deviation and produce dozens of programs to make youth shun their own language, traditions as well as religious and cultural values. In such a case, it becomes incumbent upon elders and intellectuals of a society to foster awareness campaigns among the youth and educate them intellectually.

During the course of the colonial period of nineteenth and twentieth century, the Muslim communities that underwent a cultural transformation and lost their own pure beliefs, traditions and values, the fundamental reason behind this disintegration was the collective failure of leaders, elders and the academic cadre at properly explaining the Islamic values and traditions of their own societies to the younger generation and warning them about the dangers of intellectual invasion of the colonizers.

It was the Grace and Bounty of Allah (SWT) that the believing Afghan nation came out alive and upright from the colonial period and we thank Allah for enabling us to retain our pure Islamic beliefs, traditions, customs, language, attire and all other values of life. However, the occupiers of our country are trying hard to deviate our younger generation from their beliefs and values through propaganda, immoral programs and a multitude of other plots.

Just as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is waging armed Jihad to combat the invasion militarily, it also considers intellectual struggle against the propaganda and intellectual invasion of the occupiers a religious obligation. The Islamic Emirate calls on all educated strata of society like religious scholars, orators, academia, writers and every influential individual to fulfill their responsibility in this critical juncture of history. Inform the youth about the dangers of the immoral plots of the invaders, enlighten them about our pure religious traditions and culture and dangers of foreign cultural invasion so that our future generations can continue following their Islamic traditions that ensure success and prosperity both in this life and the hereafter.

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