September 21, 2019

Effective Blows of Al Khandaq Operations

Effective Blows of Al Khandaq Operations

The invaders and Kabul regime have suffered serious corporeal and military losses across the country during the series of ongoing auspicious Al Khanadaq Operations. Several checkpoints, bases and large areas have been overrun where Mujahideen have seized a sizable amount of war spoils and extended the control of Islamic Emirate.

Even though the enemy has increased raids and bombing of residential areas, inflicted large scale human and financial losses on civilians but it has still miserably failed to make any progress against Mujahideen. Inversely Mujahideen have increased their guerrilla and offensive attacks, leading to further devastation of enemy.

Political weakness and continuous military defeat has deteriorated the enemy even further. On the one hand it is facing heavy financial and corporeal losses every day in Mujahideen attacks on the other, groups of enemy soldiers are taking refuge in lap of Islamic Emirate, bringing in weapons and equipment after repenting their mistakes of working with invaders and Kabul regime while expressing strong commitment of never joining the enemies of religion and country again and comprehensively cooperating with Mujahideen.

Officials of Islamic Emirate have welcomed them by awarding prizes to them in brilliant gatherings arranged for celebration of their resignation, assuring them that Mujahideen will protect their honor, lives and property.

Crushing blows of Al Khandaq have also increased mistrust among the enemy ranks. Recent insider and triumphant offensive strikes have halted operational integration of invaders and Kabul administration. Inter-regime differences have flared so much that they are wasting all their time in plotting against each other.

We believe that during Al Khandaq Operations the enemy will further weakened both politically and militarily. Internal strife will further be exacerbate and the enemy will lose all will to continue confronting the Jihadi resistance under the leadership of Islamic Emirate.

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