September 21, 2019

BSA should be revoked, Not amended

BSA should be revoked, Not amended

The Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) signed between the United States and the stooge Kabul administration is an exploitative and oppressive piece of document that America uses as a permit for her crimes and military presence despite the fact that this agreement has been illegally, unjustifiably and one-sidedly imposed on the Ghani administration. An administration that cannot represent the political will of the Afghan people, rather is born by the signature of US Secretary of State John Kerry and all its affairs controlled by the foreign invaders.

The supposed security agreement with America – invalid conventionally, rationally and Shariah wise and in conflict with internationally recognized principles – is the cause behind the sufferings, tragedies and misery of the Afghan nation. It is with this piece of document that the foreign forces have usurped our land and airspace, have built military bases and intelligence networks and inflict human and material losses to our people through unauthorized operations, raids and bombing campaigns every day.

The number of war crimes carried out under this security agreement have reached levels where the people who campaigned for it a few years earlier, are currently regretting their actions. Just as the termination of occupation is the desire of the entire Muslim nation, revoking the agreement which lays the groundwork for this occupation is also a core demand that is supported by every believer and freedom-loving Afghan.

In order to distort this demand of the Afghan Mujahid nation, some circles have raised their voices in support of amending this exploitative and oppressive agreement instead of complete nullification. It must be made absolutely clear that an agreement founded on corruption and illegality and woven with the yarn of oppression, arrogance and unlawfulness has no manifest status, is oppression upon oppression and categorically illegitimate.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan completely supports the demand of its believing Mujahid nation that just like the occupation itself, such oppressive and unlawful pacts under the shadow of occupation are invalid and must be scrapped immediately. Those who aspire to amend such oppressive and void agreements and seek to once again mislead the public by leaving pathways open for the invaders to carry out crimes for several more years, should understand that not only will they be held responsible by Allah (SwT) but they shall also be complicit in all transgressions of the invaders and will be guilty by association.

The experiences of the past few years have proven that the occupation under the shadow of the security agreement has brought nothing for our people and country except destruction, misery and tragedies. This nation does not have the appetite to repeat such experiments and wants an end to the occupation. If anyone understands the pain of the oppressed nation, then they must first properly understand then support the demands of the believing Mujahid nation.

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