September 21, 2019

Until when shall you continue deceiving people?

Until when shall you continue deceiving people?

The prominent American newspaper ‘The New York Times’ published an investigative report a few days earlier stating that the American administrations have repeatedly lied to the people of the United States about Afghanistan and have tried to mislead them by issuing inflated assessments.

The newspaper states that the American officials and media continue repeating the mantra that the Taliban only control 41 districts when the reality is that the Taliban actually control or influence 61% percent of the landscape. Furthermore, the Taliban have managed to limit regime control of most districts to the headquarter buildings and military barracks, while maintaining control over the rest of population.

It is not only the White House officials that are lying to the world and their people about the failed war in Afghanistan rather all the countries involved in the occupation of Afghanistan issue falsified information in order to garner the support of their people for their oppressive invasion.

The officials of occupying countries mislead their people with allegations that the most dangerous armed groups of the world operate in Afghanistan and they hold intentions of harming all mankind. And that they do not recognize human rights nor knowledge or progress. This despite the fact that invaders in Afghanistan are not fighting against any supposed rebels or terrorists but against a valiant, honorable and proud nation. A nation that has a bright past and an illustrious history. The faithful Afghan nation is not a threat to the world but a well-wisher of all humanity. Our nation has felt the agony of war and insecurity therefore it seeks peace not only in our own homeland but the entire world while holding no intentions of harm towards anyone.

Even if the invaders and their media continue to issue falsified reports about their progress and success in Afghanistan, it is the actions of their high-ranking officials that discredit all their propaganda. If on the one hand (according to New York Times) the American officials claim control of vast majority of the country, on the other the American Defense Secretary James Mattis still makes unannounced visits to Afghanistan where he moves from Bagram to Kabul via a helicopter, and from Kabul Office to Arg in a long convoy of armored vehicles. And this petrified security situation in the Green Zone of Kabul is the truest depiction of their supposed control which serves to expose their propaganda.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan seeks to convey a message to the people of Afghanistan and the world and specifically to the people, societies and various strata of countries involved in the occupation: Do not listen to the media briefings and baseless propaganda of the invaders to understand situation of Afghanistan and justifications for continued occupation. You must question the Afghan people directly in order to understand the true situation of Afghanistan. Listen to and analyze the legitimate demands and calls of freedom and independence. Moreover recognize the situation of the invaders through ground realities and their own actions instead of words so that you may understand how much you are being kept in the dark and the extent of lies being fed to you by your officials about Afghanistan.

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