September 21, 2019

Kabul administration and crisis of collapse

Kabul administration and crisis of collapse

Political analysts had warned many years earlier that the foreign supported puppet administration in Kabul has the status of a toddler that can only walk with the support of his parents, the moment that hand of support leaves, the toddler will fall and possibly sustain injuries.

The regime headed by Ashraf Ghani is still engulfed by this same crisis but today, the dangers facing the regime have multiplied thus putting even more strain on the foundations of power.

The intensity of the ongoing Jihad against the invaders and the stooge regime has reached unprecedented levels this year. Nearly 70% of the country is either under the complete control or under the influence of the Islamic Emirate including tens of districts, townships and main roads as the Mujahideen have currently turned their focuses on main cities. The takeover of both Farah and Ghazni, the record number of enemy casualties and snatching away all military initiative prove that the enemy has lost all will to fight on the battlefields.

Meanwhile the political tensions and squabbling inside the regime has also pushed the crisis to another level. The resignation of Ashraf Ghani’s National Security Advisor, Hanif Atmar, followed by the resignation letters of the Minister of Interior, Minister of Defense and Chief of Intelligence has exposed the deep schisms gripping the Kabul based administration, speeding up the drivers behind imminent collapse.

The previous months saw a decision by American forces and compliance of their stooges to pull out all forces from rural areas of Afghanistan and focus on strengthening the defenses of major cities in order to control the record number of casualties. But the recent killings of one of the most important military commanders, Azizullah Karwan, as well as the killings of General Zalmai Wardak and two pilots inside Kabul city clearly show that the enemy security measures have also failed inside cities where they are unable to even prevent the assassinations of key figures.

On the political field, the clear meaningful diplomatic activities of the Islamic Emirate has also threatened the international legitimacy of the stooge regime. Meanwhile the flurry of diplomatic moves and the direct negotiations between the representatives of major powers and the Islamic Emirate has isolated the Ashraf Ghani administration even further.

The Islamic Emirate believes that the main factors driving the collapse of the Kabul regime are that they do not have any Islamic and Afghan roots and is chronically lacking any backing and support of the people. The Kabul based administration is merely a regime forced upon our people through the use of violence, money and propaganda. Historical experiences have proven that such foreign supported regimes have zero chance of enduring, rather its downfall can be expected at any moment.

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