May 24, 2020

Political and Military Unity of Islamic Emirate

Political and Military Unity of Islamic Emirate

The enemy tried to erode and wedge a gap in the unity of the Islamic Emirate from the very onset of the invasion but all praise belongs solely to Allah, the enemy no only failed in its evil plans rather in only reinforced the determination of Mujahideen to maintain their unity.

The Islamic Emirate proved with its 19-year struggle against occupation that it is united both in word and spirit, its leadership controls all the ground forces and all personnel work under a strong command and control structure.

From the day the Islamic Emirate commenced its political endeavor in tandem with its continuing military struggle against foreign occupation, the enemy immediately launched concerted propaganda in an effort to show that the leadership has no control over its military personnel. The enemy also began a process of creating multiple other armed groups in Afghanistan to compete with the Islamic Emirate in order to raise doubts about Taliban forces and show the Americans that even if it were to reach and sign an agreement, the Emirate would not have the capability of fulfilling its terms. But the Islamic Emirate neutered all enemy plots in an intelligent and shrewd manner and showed the world that such talk is nothing more than baseless propaganda.

With the passing of two days of the ‘Reduction in Violence’ period, the Mujahideen have implemented the orders of its leadership across Afghanistan and proven that they are united in their loyalty to the principle of obedience.

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