July 13, 2020

Historic Moments and Shared Responsibilities

Historic Moments and Shared Responsibilities

Our believing nation and proud land is again passing through decisive moments in their continuingly celebrated history. The Islamic Emirate representing the Afghan people shall hold a meeting with senior American officials in order to ink an agreement for withdrawal of foreign forces about which negotiations were held for the past one and a half years.

Such incidents are rare occurrences in the history of nations hence our fellow compatriots must understand gravity of the situation and handle it accordingly.

Our believing nation has faced many deprivations, hardships and trials and the last nearly two-decade occupation was one of the biggest tests in this series of tribulations. But perhaps it would be the Divine Mercy and Help of Almighty Allah upon this people that the Afghan nation was granted steadfastness, patience and perseverance in these testing times so that in the end, their struggle reaches a threshold of victory — a prospect unimaginable by everyone.

Keeping this in mind, all our fellow compatriots must foremost thank and praise Allah Almighty at this proud and decisive juncture of history. They must make the roots of brotherhood, unity, love and sincerity even stronger among themselves. Hold even firmer onto the strong rope of Allah by shunning contemporary seditions and divisive ideologies and take cautious and intelligently rich steps towards a bright, prosperous and peaceful future.

The responsibility of solving the issue of Afghanistan falls entirely on the shoulders of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of foreign forces therefore we must learn lessons from past experiences in these critical times. The common aspiration of the Afghan nation (Islamic government) must materialize and our countrymen must not allow anyone to sacrifice this historic opportunity for their personal whims and desires.

Our fellow compatriots and the world saw that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has executed its duties in both fighting for the independence of our homeland and in negotiating an end to the occupation responsibly and at long last, it seems on the verge of reaching its goal of an independent and Islamic Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate will continue to remain committed to the pure aspirations of its believing nation in the future and will strive to take even further decisive and successful steps.

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