September 21, 2019

Islamic Emirate is committed to defense of believing nation

Islamic Emirate is committed to defense of believing nation

Over the past two and half decades, the faithful nation of Afghanistan has faced extreme trials and tribulations three times. An era of civil war and chaos prevailed following the defeat of communism, feudalism and anarchy reached its peak, the life, property and honor of people were threatened and the country was on the brink of disintegration.

With the aim of freeing the country from the grip of warlords and corrupt elements and achieving the aspirations of Jihad, a movement of Taliban and true Mujahidin was born from amongst the nation. This movement which was later named the Islamic Emirate not only cleansed the country from warlords and depraved but formed an Islamic government, established peace and justice and secured the country’s borders.

Rescuing Afghanistan from a civil war was the greatest historical achievement of the Islamic Emirate but the people of Afghanistan had not yet taken a sigh of relief when another trial begun. Western invaders under the leadership of America entered Afghanistan, usurped its sovereignty, occupied its land and air space and trampled on all rights of our people.

In these testing times, the Islamic Emirate again launched armed Jihad to restore the rights its Muslim nation, establish an Islamic government and regain independence. The Mujahidin of Islamic Emirate presented monumental sacrifices over the course of 17 year Jihad and gifted everlasting heroics to the history of Islam and country, which not only freed most parts of the country from the occupiers but also forced them to view the rightful national uprising with respect and prepare for the withdrawal phase from Afghanistan by initiating direct talks.

Over the last few years a peculiar vile group under the name of Daesh sprouted in Afghanistan and began unprecedented killings and barbarity. The invaders and their stooges tried hard to aid this group through propaganda and arming programs. Daesh not only began a campaign of indiscriminate attacks against the common Afghan people by martyring hundreds of women, children and the elderly but also tried to ingrain an alien ideology and rule over our believing Mujahid nation through fear and threats of slaughter, torture and death by explosives.

Even though the entire Afghan nation that was suffering but it was the Islamic Emirate that solely began resistance against Daesh in defense and protection of its Muslim nation. It uprooted the corruption of Daesh in Farah, Zabul, Helmand, Ghor, Laghman and some other areas and recently eradicated their most resilient base located in Darzab district of northern Jowzjan province, once again proving their commitment towards the defense of their Muslim nation and fighting all their enemies at every cost.

There is a saying “A true friend is discerned in harsh days”. The Islamic Emirate has remained by the side of its people during the aforementioned testing times, has presented unmatched sacrifices for the defense and emancipation of its devout masses and with the help of Allah Almighty, has come out triumphant in all three trials. This informs everyone that the true defensive force of this Muslim nation and historic land is the Islamic Emirate because all other political parties are busy in scheming how to the loot the common folk and country, usurp government lands, plunder national treasure and stash assets in foreign countries.

However the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always stayed true to the higher interests its Muslim people, their religious and worldly success as well as their security and prosperity. The trials and tests of two and a half decades shows that the Islamic Emirate is a shining light of the suffering Afghan people that has endured extreme storms and has rescued its people in times of darkness.

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