July 05, 2020

Reality of shameless political tourists in Kabul

Reality of shameless political tourists in Kabul

The current and previous Kabul administrations are a setup of the foreign invaders following the invasion of Afghanistan by America and her coalition partners in 2001. The Kabul administration and its elite dual national leadership whose families reside in western countries are a bunch of political tourists brought as the result of American intervention and enforced upon Afghans. These supposed leaders have absolutely no legitimacy and support from the common Afghans. They live in their own bubble where their servitude to their American masters is their freedom. The regime and its leadership have crossed all the barriers of criminality, murder, corruption, plunder and immortality — a divided house of national traitors, each advancing the interests of his own foreign sponsor.

There remains no bond between the regime leadership and the general population of Afghanistan as clearly demonstrated by the Afghans when they boycotted the staged elections. The regime itself violates all norms of so called western democracy as every minister and official is appointed not on basis of merit but on the nature of his corrupt skills — a fact annually confirmed by their western backers. This artificial “state” built by the Americans in Afghanistan has been one of the biggest disasters of the modern conflicts because the people do not want these imposed slaves nor do they wish to be associated with them.

The corrupt Kabul elite cannot continue to hold the nation hostage. Peace shall prevail and these political tourists who see their survival under the shadow of their masters shall be brought to justice. Unlike the Kabul regime which is supported by the Americans and their allies, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are backed by the ordinary Afghan volunteers from every sector of the Afghan society and despite over trillion dollar expenditure and nearly two decades of brutalities, the enemy has failed in their efforts of subduing, dividing and enslaving the Afghans.

The current American administration and its international coalition partners must understand that the backing of this regime will only prolong the war and suffering for the Americans and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan shall continue to defend its believing nation from this evil regime of tyrannical slaves.

Therefore, the only solution in this situation remains that the Americans stop interfering in Afghanistan and let Afghans decide their own fate otherwise, the longest war for American history shall become the forever war which will ultimately lead to the fall of the American Empire just like the Soviets before them.

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