September 19, 2019

Educational Institutions should not be targeted in war

Educational Institutions should not be targeted in war

It is an established reality that war has a series of basic rules and regulations which remain constant with the variation of rivals and the ultimate causes of fighting, and the violation of those principles is termed as war crime or offence. One of the foremost principles of war is to spare the places and installations of public interests whose security is incumbent upon parties involved in the conflict.

Based on the above principle, the protection of public assets and welfare projects is one of the principal Jihadi strategies of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Its devoted Mujahidin not only protect madrassas, schools, clinics, water dams and other places and installations of public interests, but also they do not leave any stone unturned for their improvement and development.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is so keen and interested that it has allowed even those schools, lyceums, clinics and other projects of public welfare which are supported and financed by the rival regime. It is an established reality acknowledged by all; even a number of western media outlets have reported it from time to time.

But on the other side, both the foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces and unrestrained militiamen do not abide by the above moral rule or principle. They not only target and bomb health centers operating in the areas held by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, but also indiscriminately attack and raid schools and religious madrassas, wherein the students are arrested as criminals and taken away to places unknown even to their stooge authorities.

On Wednesday 25th July, ‘Noor-ul-Madaris’, one of the oldest madrassas of our country, situated in Ghazni province, and politically non-affiliated with any political or armed group, was raided by the American foreign occupying forces and their internal mercenaries. This madrassa belongs to a highly revered and honorable family of Kabul, and is financed by the ordinary sincere and devoted masses of our country. Politically this madrassa is absolutely non-aligned.
Prior to this felonious incident, a graduation ceremony of ‘Huffaz’ (those who memorize the Holy Quran by heart) was indiscriminately bombed in Kunduz province, and a lyceum was destroyed in Maidan-Wardak province. Similarly reports of bombing and demolition of schools and madrassas from Farah, Helmond, Logar and several other provinces clearly manifest that the foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries who are badly defeated by the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in all battle fields throughout the country, are now taking their revenge from the educational institutions of our beloved homeland.

The policy of the Islamic Emirate is that learning and education are one of the basic and indisputable rights of our oppressed, poor but sincere people, and warring situation cannot be a lame excuse for denying them from this basic right. Those who indiscriminately attack and bomb educational institutes, schools and madrassas, and the innocent and young students are incarcerated for spreading horror among the masses, should realize that instead of doing them any good, these felonious acts will definitely reveal their brutal and inhuman nature.

We strongly condemn and reject the vicious principle of the savage foreign invaders of ‘everything is free and fair in war and …….’ by considering it an illogical and inhuman behavior. We are fully convicted that both the savage foreign invaders and their internal stooge forces cannot win the ongoing war in Afghanistan by committing such unhuman acts, oppressions and war crimes; rather these offences will instigate the rage of the common masses against the savage foreign invaders by exposing them anti-learning war criminals to the outside world.

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