May 26, 2020

The American despair continues in Afghanistan

The American despair continues in Afghanistan

The Americans launched their invasion of Afghanistan through a vicious air assault in 2001 and after 18 years, the war has not only been costly for them on the ground but now, even the skies have turned against them. The plight and despair of Americans will continue if they prolong their invasion and the war will continue to be an unending dilemma not only militarily but also politically. The stubborn nature of America has led her to this disastrous situation which they are facing today. One after the other the American generals have come, gone and failed in Afghanistan, the presidential chair in the White House has changed hands multiple times and the entire world has seen the failures of the two previous American administrations in Afghanistan – yet if the Trump administration fails to consider a complete withdrawal, he will face a much worsened situation for his occupying forces.

The recent battlefield victories of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan against the Air Force of the Americans are a proof that with the passage of time, more losses will be inflicted on the invaders and this time the they will no longer be able to use their air supremacy like they have been using it for the past two decades. The American aerial bombings have been viciously targeting civilians with very little battlefield losses caused to the Mujahideen. The proof of this is that the Americans have achieved nothing in the past 18 years despite dropping hundreds of thousands of bombs from their planes and committing war crimes through their air and ground campaigns.

The Americans should know that the aim of the Islamic Emirate is to use all of its military force and political struggle to free Afghanistan from the clutches of the invaders and the only way for the Americans to bring an end to their miseries in Afghanistan is to withdraw from our homeland. The current struggle is for the independence and ownership of Afghanistan and the only real owners of Afghanistan are the Muslim Afghans who are battling the invaders and their puppets to free themselves from subjugation and oppression.

The American invasion of Afghanistan is a travesty that has been acknowledged by everyone. The American war in Afghanistan is based on false, absurd and distorted representation of Afghanistan instigated by the Americans along with their coalition partners. The American invasion of Afghanistan was a mistake and has so far cost the Americans thousands of dead, tens of thousands of wounded and a trillion dollar price tag. The Americans should learn from their mistakes and withdraw from Afghanistan otherwise their planes will be brought down and their troops killed and neither the land nor they skies of Afghanistan shall show them any mercy.

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